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Who Would You Rather Discipline You-- Homophobic Closet Queen Marcus Bachmann or Rugby Player Nick Youngquest?


Nick & Marcus

Even people who don't realize that Marcus Bachmann is a longtime closet case who was caught several times frequenting (or doing "research" in) gay macho-man leather bars, might be offended by the effeminate First Lady wannabe's taxpayer-subsidized fake therapy that insinuates it can "cure" homosexuality. Michele has made a career out of making gay people in Minnesota afraid there's something wrong with them and she and her closeted husband charge them a bundle to pray the "problem" away in a fake clinic. Not long ago Marcus was hissing about gays people that “barbarians need to be educated. They need to be disciplined." Being "disciplined" is the theme of the gay leather bars this sick and twisted man sneaks around whenever he can get away from Michele.

Even if discipline is your cup of tea... Marcus Bachmann I don't think so!

The new issue of Out features a cover story about several gay-friendly straight athletes who are doing their bit to fight the kind of hatred and bigotry the Bachmanns have built careers around. I can't help but think of Australian rugby star Nick Youngquest as the human antithesis of Marcus Bachmann.
When Nick Youngquest stripped down for the Naked Rugby League calendar in 2006, the Australian player planned to show off his muscles, charming smile, and blue eyes. But the picture published revealed much more. It captured Youngquest’s strategically placed hand slipping away.

It was the shot seen ’round the world-- and a controversial boon for the National Breast Cancer Foundation of Australia, the charity that benefited from its popularity. The Australian National Rugby League criticized Younquest for having gone “too far.”

Naturally, gay men disagreed. So did Youngquest, whose confidence is impenetrable. In 2008, Australia’s prominent gay magazine DNA called, and Youngquest stripped down again. This time he safely sported the smallest of swimsuits. In the years since, he’s made a habit of bearing skin in gay magazines around the world.

While taking off his clothes, Youngquest has taken on the cause of gay rights.

And I would bet anyone Nick has done a helluva lot more for the mental health and self-esteem of gay men and women than the self-loathing, hateful and perverted Marcus Bachmann. Yesterday a horde of gay "barbarians" descended on the Bachmann "clinic" (video below). The horde requested to speak directly with Bachmann and experience some “discipline” for themselves.

When Marcus was no where to be found, the barbarians glittered the empty waiting room and reception area while chanting, “You can’t pray away the gay-- baby, I was born this way!”

The action was organized by the same young man who threw glitter on Newt Gingrich, starting a national trend in political protest of anti-LGBT sentiments from political candidates and campaigns.

“Michele and Marcus Bachmann think gay people are barbarians?” asked LGBT activist Nick Espinosa. “I think its clear to everyone who the real barbarians are, based on the Bachmanns’ archaic views on LGBT equality.”

Despite Bachmann's shrill homophobia, the Pentagon today certified that military ready to proceed with repeal of Don't Ask Don't Tell.

UPDATE: President Obama Thinks Barbarians Might Work Out Fine In The Military

Here's a statement President Obama just gave today, which might upset the Bachmanns and their deranged, hateful supporters:
Today, we have taken the final major step toward ending the discriminatory ‘Don’t Ask, Don’t Tell’ law that undermines our military readiness and violates American principles of fairness and equality. In accordance with the legislation that I signed into law last December, I have certified and notified Congress that the requirements for repeal have been met. ‘Don’t Ask, Don’t Tell’ will end, once and for all, in 60 days-- on September 20, 2011.

As Commander in Chief, I have always been confident that our dedicated men and women in uniform would transition to a new policy in an orderly manner that preserves unit cohesion, recruitment, retention and military effectiveness. Today’s action follows extensive training of our military personnel and certification by Secretary Panetta and Admiral Mullen that our military is ready for repeal. As of September 20th, service members will no longer be forced to hide who they are in order to serve our country. Our military will no longer be deprived of the talents and skills of patriotic Americans just because they happen to be gay or lesbian.

I want to commend our civilian and military leadership for moving forward in the careful and deliberate manner that this change requires, especially with our nation at war. I want to thank all our men and women in uniform, including those who are gay or lesbian, for their professionalism and patriotism during this transition. Every American can be proud that our extraordinary troops and their families, like earlier generations that have adapted to other changes, will only grow stronger and remain the best fighting force in the world and a reflection of the values of justice and equality that the define us as Americans.

[I still oppose him on cutting back on Social Security and Medicare-- IF the rumors are true that he's joining with Boehner and Cantor and the GOP to push that through.]

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At 6:46 PM, Anonymous me said...

Boy, that Bachmann fellow has GAY written all over him, doesn't he?

Considering who he's married to, it's understandable.

At 8:35 PM, Anonymous Danny Fields said...

Omigod, is that Marcus Bachmann here
at about 0:25 and on and on?
No, it's actor Robert Michael Morris (easily found as the cherished hair gay (err...guy--that's a joke from the show) of "Valerie Cherish," played by Lisa Kudrow on "The Comeback." But surely, "Mickey Deane" was the inspiration for the wannabe First Lady, MB. Look at both, any lingering doubts?


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