Saturday, July 23, 2011

Re. the horror in Norway: Do right-wingers have contact of any sort with reality?


"Anders Behring Breivik from the video he posted on YouTube before his shooting spree": caption for the photo accompanying the Telegraph's Sunday-datelined report, "Norway killings: Breivik posted hate-filled video on YouTube hours before attacks"

by Ken

Further to Howie's overnight post ("Who Blew Up Oslo? A Right-Wing Terrorist, Of Course"), I've wondered occasionally what happens when right-wingers, who have now given their brains over entirely to whacked-out delusion, are forced into contact with actual reality -- or, alternatively, how it happens that it never seems to happen.

It's an especially pertinent question now while the sociopathic mental cases now infesting the houses of Congress and statehouses all over the country, flouting the muscle of their ignorance and total disconnect from reality, are insisting on remaking the country in the image of their mental deformity.

And here once again we have it. If at any time a prick of reality should force its way into their murky consciousness, they either pretend it never happened, make up an even nuttier story than their now-discredited one, or just change the subject.

In my post last night I began by passing as quickly as I could over the Norwegian horror. And I freely own that I was eager for a change of subject. The difference is that my flight from reality wasn't aimed at denying that reality.

You'd think that even the most minimal sense of decency would have encouraged people to keep their traps shut, beyond expressing horror and sympathy for the victims. I mean, at least until we had actual information. But no, there were the brain-deads of the Right braying about Muslim extremism. Shades of Oklahoma City. Or the Tucson shootings.

These days, however, the right-wing mindset has now evolved so harmoniously into terrorist mode that the chances have become ever greater that the reality will turn out to be what it apparently has turned out to be in the case of Norway's home-grown right-wing loon. Which I'm guessing will mean that the Right's interest will vanish, just as it did when the Oklahoma City bomber turned out to be a home-grown American right-wing nutjob. The story that had to that point enflamed the right-wing flamers suddenly disappeared -- except for the occasional superwacko who just went right on trumpeting his delusions.

Ditto with the Tucson shootings. Everybody with a working brain quickly came to understand that the pathetic delusionary responsible was another pure-bred product of the climate of right-wing hate and ignorance and psychosis. And the more sensible of the nutjobs understood that their most sensible course was just to shut the hell up and let the thing go away. But since there isn't that much sense among the nuts, the impulse to belligerence quickly returned, and the talking no-brainers demanded to know how anyone could make a political thing of this, and it's all the liberals' fault anyway.

Of course if one of these shooters turned out to be the left-wing terrorist of the nutjobs' dreams, we would never hear the end of it, in accordance with the principle of our old game of If the Shoe Was on the Other Foot.

UPDATE: A Few Words From Political Terrorism Expert Dave Neiwert

This evening Dave posted about Breivik's obsession with "Cultural Marxism."
The picture that's emerging is of an ordinary right-wing man stoked into anger by theories about "Cultural Marxism" that originated on the anti-Semitic far right but have in recent years been spreading into more mainstream venues, promoted by the likes of Andrew Breitbart, among others.

...Based on online posts apparently by Anders Behring Breivik circulated in Norway, the alleged terrorist opposed multiculturalism and Muslim immigrants in Norway. Breivik championed opposition to "Cultural Marxism," a right-wing antisemitic concept developed primarily by William Lind of the US-based Free Congress Foundation, but also the Lyndon LaRouche network.


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At 4:43 AM, Anonymous Lee said...


The problem is right now what is "real" is being defined by a bunch of sociopathic narcissists. How could any sane person literally take food out of the mouths of children but give tax breaks to people who don't need it?And reality means dealing with nuances and shades of grey and right wingers brains just can't go there.

I remember standing in a rest stop on the NJ Turnpike and talking to my former best friend who was in a Psch Hospital.She has gotten more and more right wing as she has gotten more religious.I watched how politics and religion smacked up against her til her brain literally fell apart. And there I was listening to her that day tell me the reason she had a breakdown was she wasn't "preaching" to her fellow students.She was going to hell she told me. Not too long after she got out of the hospital, we parted ways.My guess is she's a Tea Party member now.

At 7:14 AM, Blogger KenInNY said...

Alarmingly good example, Lee.

I guess part of the problem these days in trying to sell reality -- you know, the real kind -- is that it's such an unattractive product. But then, look at the fake versions the "sociopathic narcissists" are creating. That sure ain't heaven! But it does seem to feed their particular psychological needs.

Cheers (notwithstanding),


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