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Who should we listen to, Marcy Kaptur or Our Davy Brooks? (Yes, but who'll GET listened to?)


Notice how grudgingly Rep. Marcy Kaptur (D-OH) is given the floor. Can't you just feel the rage, even the hatred, of Republicans forced to put up with the ravings of the crazywoman from Ohio? Fortunately, from their perspective, they know that no one's going to pay a damned bit of attention.

by Ken

Howie passed this video along from Nepal. (Our information "back channels" at DWT are way back.) He asked, "Does this appeal to you?" And by the time I got this far into Marcy's speech, I wrote back, "Not only does it appeal to me, it's perfect for the post I'm pulling together for 6pm dumping on David Brooks as part of the 'them' conspiracy. Here's somebody who ISN'T."
Now we even have a bill that's going to take food away from about 350,000 women and children. Now whose fault is that?

Here's a little note from somebody in my district. [Reads from a paper plate.] She says -- [waving paper plate] she signed up this plate at the food bank, the local food bank -- she says: "Without help from the food bank, I would be on the street. I struggle every day to make ends meet, so my kids have a place to lay their heads at night. I have a job, but with two kids it's still very hard. I have a lot of trouble paying rent, and bills. I just wish there were more help for parents like myself.

That's from the rural part of my district. From the urban part of my district [holding up another paper plate] and plate is signed at the food bank: "My income is spent on bills which leave very little money for me to purchase food for myself and my two daughters."

You know, the majority of people in this house are Christians, and I'm not pushing that, though I am one of them, but the First Beatitude says, "Feed the hungry." It doesn't say, "Rugged individualism." I'm as individualistic as anybody else in this chamber, but I'll tell you what, there's a heartlessness that goes with people who take everything for themselves and turn their back on the rest of the American people. So when Big Oil makes record profits and pays no taxes, there's something really wrong.

There's something really wrong with the country, and the American people know it. They didn't clean house here last November because they thought you were better. They just wanted a change. And they'll vote for it again if their lives don't get better, and their lives won't get better unless we fix what Alan Greenspan and Goldman Sachs and Bank of America and the whole rest of those buzzards up there did to this country.

And they're taking bonuses! In fact, they're making so much money, they take members of Congress out. You know the average amount of the meal? $193. $193 a plate. These folks [holding up the paper plates], a couple of bucks in a day they spend on food.

So I stand with the American people, not those wealthy interests who took the nation to the cleaners. . . .

Speaking of "who took the nation to the cleaners," you'll be thrilled to know that no less intrepid a detective than Our Davy Brooks has figured it out. And you know who it was? Freddie Mac!

As I suggested earlier, media dunce-whores like Our Davy are crucial to the corporatist juggernaut now running roughshod over non-plutocratic America.

And how does Our Davy know this? He read a book. Well, apparently he read part of a book -- the part that said what his dunce-whore ears wanted to hear. See, Our Davy "thought" (using the term in the very broadest possible sense), it wasn't the fault of the Godlike Rich People who make it possible for me to enjoy my scrumptious standard of living as their dunce-whore bitch!

But of course, as always, he's wrong. And it apparently doesn't bother the people at the NYT who have his checks cut that he's always wrong. People like Our Davy and the Rose Douchebag given them "balance" -- balancing their roster of moderates with right-wing dunce-whores gussied up to look like people with working brains.

We'll go more into the specifics of how Our Davy f**ked up this particular scoop tomorrow.

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At 7:02 PM, Blogger Kay Dennison said...

Yes, we should! Marcy is right on the money -- every syllable she uttered was completely true!
I was also disgusted with the bored looks (and prolly deaf ears) of those in the background.

At 7:03 PM, Blogger jurassicpork said...

Great post, dude. D r i f t g l a s s is infamous for his epic takedowns of Davy the Douchebag but I think even he'd be jealous if he read this.

At 7:04 PM, Blogger jurassicpork said...

"I was also disgusted with the bored looks (and prolly deaf ears) of those in the background."

Yeah, who was that douchebag behind her in the patent leather pompadour?

At 3:30 AM, Blogger WarrenG said...

Outstanding Post. Thanx!

At 5:31 AM, Blogger Retired Patriot said...

While I totally agree with Rep Kaptur's speech, where we're they when they COULD hold the "rugged individualists" accountable? She's absolutely right that voters went with "change" in the last election (actually, the last 3 elections), but there has been no change offered. Just occasional speeches. And now that the voters changed again in 2010, what accountability has there been? What chance of accountability will there be? Last I checked, the Democrats still control the Executive Branch and the Justice Dept... if they weren't too busy hunting whistle blowers, maybe they could spend some time taking back the trillions stolen from the rest of us. (I guess the hundreds of millions Wall St and the Vampire Squid spends on Obama might put the kibash on that...)

I wonder how much longer the voters will vote for change... or even vote? Hungry, angry, dispossessed people eventually figure out they have nothing to lose, and perhaps something to gain, when they rebel against the system. And the Top400 Americans? Those who think they'll just jet away to a tropical island with all their ill gotten gains? Not all of them will make it (the Mubarak Family & cronies provide some example). In a right-functioning society, this should be enough incentive to "do the right thin;" sadly, those at the top are psychopaths with empathy only for themselves.


At 8:23 PM, Anonymous robert dagg murphy said...

When the world has unlimited energy and ever increasing intellect it really matters not at all if there are so called rich people.

Science has turned on the cosmic reservoir and unbeknown-est to most of humanity we are 4 billion billionaires and it is not a case of bringing anyone down but everyone up.


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