Tuesday, June 28, 2011

As crunch time approaches, don't forget the unfinished business in Wisconsin


No, there's nothing to click here. But if you go to DFA and PCCC's "Call Out the Vote" webpage, you can follow all the above steps. And of course you can contribute to the individual candidates on Blue America's Beyond Recalls page.

Probably a lot of you got this e-mail from Kaili Lambe, political campaign manager
 of Democracy for America (DFA), which has teamed with the Progressive Change Campaign Committee (PCCC) to support the Democratic challengers in the upcoming recall elections for the Wisconsin state senators who have enabled Wisconsin's ultra-right tsar, er, governor, Scott Walker, to turn the state into the private preserve of plutocratic right-wing benefactors like the Koch brothers. If you haven't read it, I think you should, and if you have, and haven't taken action yet, then let this serve as a reminder. -- Ken
When Scott Walker launched his attack on working families in February, something incredible happened -- people from all over Wisconsin descended on Madison to stand up for their communities. Inspired by their energy, I watched what was happening in Wisconsin and wished I could be there. Did you feel the same way?

Now with several recall elections later this summer, we have the opportunity to show Walker and the Wisconsin Republicans what happens when they attack working families -- we fight back and win.

Democracy for America and the Progressive Change Campaign Committee are launching our Call Out the Vote program this Thursday so that progressives all over the country can talk to Wisconsin voters about the importance of these elections. Will you join me in making calls from your home for two hours this Thursday?

Yesterday, news broke that one of the Republicans challenging a Democratic incumbent failed to collect enough valid signatures to get on the ballot. We have the momentum, but we need to make sure voters know about the election.

Wisconsin was the first of many states to take up anti-worker legislation, but it's not the only one. That's why it's vital we win right now. Because once we stop them in Wisconsin, we'll stop them in Ohio, Michigan, and across the nation.

If we turn out the vote in these recall elections, we will win -- can you help by signing up for a two hour phone shift?

Thanks for everything you do.

Kaili Lambe, Political Campaign Manager

Democracy for America

Yes, I can call this Thursday!
Yes, I can call this Sunday!

I can't make calls this week, but I can chip in $5 to recall the WI Republicans.


. . . to learn more about the Democratic candidates seeking to replace the Wisconsin Senate Republican sludge, and while you're there you can think about contributing to their campaigns.

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