Friday, May 13, 2011

How The DSCC's "Great" Recruit, Joe Donnelly, Forced Dick Lugar Into Backing Away From His Support For The DREAM Act


Joe Donnelly: fat, sassy, dressed in red

The DSCC has been tweeting up a storm for the past few days about what a "great candidate" Joe Donnelly is and, bizarrely the keep juxtaposing it with tweets about the shame of former DREAM Act co-sponsor Dick Lugar (R-IN) backing out of his support for the bill, which was just reintroduced in both Houses of Congress, by Obama-shill Dick Durbin in the Senate and by Howard Berman (who represents a newly Hispanic-majority L.A. district) in the House. Last time the bill came up it passed narrowly in the Democratic-controlled House, 216-198, only 8 Republicans voting for it (all but 3 no longer serving) and 38 conservative Democrats crossing the aisle in the other direction to vote against it. One of the anti-DREAM team was, of course, DSCC "great candidate" Joe Donnelly. Hold in your mind for a moment that another was Donnelly's fellow Blue Dog, Jim Matheson.

In the Senate there were 55 votes, including Republicans Lugar and Orrin Hatch (UT), who has also just backed away from his previous support. It would have been enough to pass the bill but there were enough Republican racists willing to filibuster it to death to prevent a final vote from ever taking place.

I'll get back to Lugar and Donnelly and Matheson and Hatch in a moment. I just want to make sure everyone understands how un-partisan and non-controversial this bill actually is. All it does is provide a path to conditional legal residency for an undocumented immigrant child if he or she:

·         Was 15 years old or younger when brought into America

·         Has lived in the United States for at least five years before enactment of the law

·         Is of good moral character

·         Has earned a high school degree or a graduate equivalent diploma

Eligible people would have six years to earn lawful permanent resident status if they:

·         Successfully complete two years of higher education, or

·         Complete two years of military service and received an honorable discharge if he or she is discharged

Unless you're an actual Klan Member this shouldn't even be worth talking about, other than to say, "What took so long." But instead it's become a political hot potato for cynical politicians who use these kids to cater to their base. And it isn't just the Party of Bigotry, Hatred and Racism that's doing this. The Democrats know damn well this has no chance of passing now. They're simply trying to take a cheap shot and make a play for Latino voters. If they really cared would they be touting Donnelly (a rabid racist and opponent of DREAM) as a "great candidate?" Great at what? Moving from opposing this in the House to opposing it in the Senate? And same goes for Matheson. He hasn't declared yet, but he probably will very soon.

Yesterday a Village publication, American Prospect ignored the Donnelly/Matheson role in this and echoed the shaky DSCC talking points that Lugar changed his position because of teabagger primary opponents.
The actual reason Lugar is withdrawing support is that he's facing a primary challenger, but of course he can't simply say that. This sort of sour grapes argument doesn't make sense on its own moral terms-- even if you believe the president is acting inappropriately, that doesn't bear on whether or not the hundreds of thousands of undocumented immigrants who didn't have a choice in coming here and are poised to go to college or join the military deserve a path to citizenship. The DREAM Act is another idea of Republican origin that has become toxic since Obama took office and expressed support for passing it.

I'm not saying the primary challenge isn't a part of this, but, let's be real... opposition to DREAM from racist Blue Dogs Donnelly and Matheson has helped to push two former supporters rightward-- two former supporters who, if they win their primaries, as is likely, will have to face general election opponents who the DSCC has recruited and is touting as "great" and who will accuse them of being soft on Mexican drug cartels moving into the neighborhood, for having supported DREAM.

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At 7:24 AM, Blogger dickdata said...

This exemplifies the reason that I will never again send a dime to any official Democratic organization. I don't want to elect Democrats - I want to elect liberals/progressives. I certainly don't want to support any Blue Dog any time under any circumstances.


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