Monday, May 21, 2012

Are billionaire-coddling Official Dems giving Wisconsin's billionaire-blessed governorissimo a pass in the June 5 recall election?


Billionaire-blessed Governorissimo Scott brags to a union-hating supporter about his planned "divide-and-conquer" strategy for eradicating the public-worker unions -- presumably as a stepping stone to destroying all unions. (Billionaires don't like unions, one of the last remaining impediments to their stockpiling of unlimited additional billions.)

"Despite the avalanche of Republican spending, polls are still neck-and-neck -- and Scott Walker's approval rating is still under 50 percent. Why? Because Scott Walker is such a hugely polarizing figure in Wisconsin that voters have already made up their minds about him -- and TV ads aren't going to change that.”
-- from a list e-mail by Michael Langemayr,
political director of Democracy for America

by Ken

Michael Langemayr begins the above-noted e-update of a previous DFA-list e-mail (“UPDATE: MIA in Wisconsin”):
Republicans aren't holding anything back.

Right-wing Wisconsin Gov. Scott Walker has a 25-to-1 fundraising advantage over Democrat Tom Barrett. Walker's campaign has already spent $21 million trying to whitewash his record of destroying unions and middle-class families. Republican National Committee Chairman Reince Priebus says they'll spend whatever it takes to win. And Super PACs are unloading millions of dollars trying to tear Democrats down.

But the Democratic National Committee still isn't investing in this recall election.

DFA is on the ground knocking on doors right now, working to get Democrats out to vote. Without DNC support on the ground, our GOTV operation is more important than ever.

The Koch brothers, Sheldon Adelson -- we know that the scum de la scum of the Republican Party’s “Billionaires for the Billionaires” wing is pouring cash into Wisconsin to prop up the gubernatorial reign of far-right-wing sociopath Scott Walker. And you'll recall that the governorissimo needs cash not just for the recall election but to fight off the investigation that prompted the formation of his criminal defense fund, for which he has already been siphoning off campaign cash. That investigation, Howie suggested in his May 6 post “What If Scott Walker Wins At the Polls And Loses The Criminal Case?” "could see the governor rotting in prison for criminal activities, something even the Koch brothers won't be able to save him from if a jury finds him guilty." (Also see Howie's May 9 post “Wisconsin Takes Another Step Forward Fighting Off America’s Right-Wing Couterrevolution.”)

You’d think that for both symbolic and practical reasons the national Democratic Party would be champing at the bit to complete the shaming and dethroning begun with the scheduling of the June 5 recall election. It seems, however, that you’d be wrong.

I suppose it would be too cynical to suggest that Official Dems lack the will to sink their teeth into the GOP Billionaires’ Caucus because they love billionaires and have wet dreams about having a larger supply of their own. Still, I can’t help wondering if Governorissimo Scott would command as much support as he does if more of those supporters understood how they’re being hornswoggled by all that billionaire cash streaming into the state trying to trick them to vote against their own interests.

DFA’s goal for the remaining two-week countdown to June 5 is narrower and more realistic, not so much trying to clear the minds of the mind-clouded as focusing on getting out the anti-governorissimo vote. As Michael Langemayr writes, “With virtually no undecided voters left, it all comes down to turn out. Whoever best turns out their base will win. It's that simple.”

The link for contributing to the DFA effort in Wisconsin is here.
[UPDATE: The link is fixed (I hope!). I could have sworn it was working fine when I tested it originally.]

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