Sunday, February 20, 2011

Qadaffi And King Hamid More Likely To Hang Than Scott Walker


I read yesterday that Qadaffi had used anti-aircraft missiles, as well as trained snipers, against Libyans demonstrating in favor of democracy. Hundreds are dead and Qadaffi no longer has any legitimacy in the eyes of the people he rules. His days are numbered; his people will soldier on. I don't know when it officially becomes a bloodbath or when he is charged with crimes against humanity. King Hamid has been as ruthless in Bahrain. People are being slaughtered in Yemen as well. Tyrants don't give up power easily and rarely do at all if they think a little killing will keep them in their positions to continue milking their nation for everything it's worth.

Wisconsin is a somewhat different situation where a corporate hack who won power in November is trying to deliver for his masters with classic right-wing union busting. Watch the Wisconsin state legislators in the video above. Democratic Party of Wisconsin Chair Mike Tate sums the situation up well and will help you understand why Wisconsin residents are so upset:
"In the face of democracy at its finest, Republicans are practicing politics at their worst. Hundreds of thousands of average Wisconsinites have descended on the capital city this week to express their anger at efforts by Scott Walker and the GOP to alter the balance between corporations and the middle class. They are angry, yes. But as law enforcement officials have affirmed, they are peaceful. Instead of acknowledging the widespread unpopularity at their power grab, Walker, the Fitzgerald boys and other Republican henchmen are left to smear and tarnish this historic movement in opposition to them by claiming phantom violence and just about wishing for the worst where we have instead seen Wisconsin's best. We continue to pray that peace presides here and provocation takes a pass. But, at the end of the day, Republicans should be ashamed that their response to democracy is to play the same old game of distraction and fear."

Roland asked me to remind everyone that although ferrets are illegal in 13 states, more people keep ferrets than watch the stream of right wing propaganda spewing from Fox News.

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