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Does Rep. Paul Ryan Really Hate The Green Bay Packers?


I hope you saw John Amato's post about Paul Ryan and the Green Bay Packers at Crooks and Liars yesterday. If you're interested in the sports angle on this story, you won't find something better. Meanwhile though... a development. Since John posted. This morning 1290 WMCS -- the Milwaukee Community Station owned by former Packer Willie Davis has started running this ad:

But other stations-- inside the district, probably afraid of Ryan's clout-- turned down the ad (and our check), claiming the ad was "inappropriate." Blue America gets a lot of that. I bet Karl Rove's multimillion dollar PAC, the Republican Party front group American Crossroads, never gets letters from radio stations telling them they won't run their ads. And ours isn't even advocating a candidate. In fact, there is no candidate running against Ryan. (The DCCC always makes sure of that.) It's just an issue advocacy ad.

Yesterday Ryan flexed the new muscles the House GOP gave him (to set his own budget for America) announcing his own discretionary spending cap. He couldn't quite reach the $100 billion in cuts the nihilistic teabaggers are demanding but Boehner, embroiled as he is in another couple of sex scandals, has been tweeting furiously (with both his non-sex-oriented screen names) that they're just getting started.

Yes, just getting started completely disabling government oversight of their corporate buddies, just getting started destroying free public universal education, just getting started shredding what's left of the social safety net, just getting started defunding programs for veterans, for seniors, for the unemployed, for the middle class... all the stuff Republicans have been trying to do for generations.

So... as the Green Bay Packers look to clinch another Super Bowl victory this weekend, Blue America and our friends at the Americans for America PAC, have our own play on the field-- the new radio ad above we hope to use to appeal to Ryan to do what's right for the people in southeast Wisconsin for a change-- put people before profits.

Last month Congressman Ryan voted for the backwards-looking, job-hurting, deficit-increasing bill to fully repeal the Affordable Care Act-– a vote that would let the insurance industry off the hook, allowing them to intercept quality care between you and your doctor, and to take away the welcome new consumer health protections already making a difference in peoples’ lives between having access to quality, affordable health care and not. Like the Packers-– a community-owned team run for the people, not for profits-- the Affordable Care Act is already helping millions of Americans who would be otherwise be tackled by insurance costs due to companies just looking to keep their profit margins high.

But Congressman Ryan is looking to out for insurance companies before his own constituents. In fact, if Ryan got his way and the health care law was repealed, nearly 3.6 million residents of Wisconsin would suddenly find themselves again facing lifetime limits while 320,000 Wisconsin residents would be at risk of losing their insurance the minute they get sick or have an accident. Below is a script for the ad. If you like it and want to help us stop Paul Ryan before it's too late... well, we have a page just for that

On Sunday, everyone will be rooting for the Packers. Except Congressman Paul Ryan.

See, the Pack is community-owned, and run to benefit the people-- not some greedy owner. Beer is affordable. Profits go back to the Team. And no billionaire is going to lock out the Pack.

But Congressman Ryan doesn’t like putting people before profits.

Take health care.

The Affordable Care Act makes health care more affordable for all Americans.

It cuts $200 billion from the debt. It doesn’t hurt companies, but puts people before profits.

Paul Ryan led the charge to repeal the Affordable Care Act. He wants Insurance Companies running the show.

It's like Paul Ryan prefers greedy NFL owners over the Green Bay system.

Coach Lombardi said, People who work together will win against any challenger-– whether a tough defense or modern society problems.

Congressman Ryan, take a page from the Green Bay playbook.

Put the people before profits. Support the Affordable Health Care Act-– and root for the Pack.

The non-partisan Economic Policy Institute has studied Ryan's roadmap more closely than anyone. They came up with the conclusion that it's "riddled with policies that ignore the lessons learned from the Great Depression and underscored by the Great Recession. Policy and market failures set the stage for a meltdown of the global financial system and the worst recession since the Great Depression, but Ryan’s plan still swears by the failed Bush-era economic policies of cutting taxes for the wealthy while neglecting the middle class and national investments. It even proposes the partial privatization of Social Security, an increase in taxes on the middle class, the elimination of corporate taxes, and the privatization of Medicare."

Meanwhile, the Alliance for American Manufacturing just pointed out to us that this year's Super Bowl presents a special match-up: two teams named for the local industries that support their diehard fans.  The Steelers emerged from Pittsburgh's steelmaking foundries, while the Packers honor their sturdy meatpacking industry.

Both teams are understandably proud of their hometown fans and the work they do. Both Green Bay and Pittsburgh were built on manufacturing, and are the respective epicenters of paper and meatpacking, and of the steel industry, in America. Both cities have suffered heavy manufacturing job losses, but, despite the best efforts of John Boehner and other well-paid Chinese Communist assets inside Congress, some paper production remains in Green Bay, and Pittsburgh still retains a steel presence. Both Green Bay and Pittsburgh also enjoy a loyal following built on the middle-class, blue-collar jobs supported by these industries.

Click here to watch two Green Bay Packers, A.J. Hawk and Mason Crosby, talk about what manufacturing means to their community.  While most Americans are aware of Pittsburgh's connection to steel, it may surprise some football fans to learn that manufacturing (not dairy farming) is Wisconsin's primary economic sector and that the Badger State is now the #1 manufacturing density state in the U.S. Between Chinese Communist puppets teabagger Senator Ron Johnson, Sean Duffy and Paul Ryan it will be harder and harder to hold on to any manufacturing jobs in Wisconsin. All three favor sending them all to China.

UPDATE: Meanwhile Wall Street Shills Like Ryan Look At Michele Bachmann As Clowns And Distractions

You think I'm exaggerating? Watch Ryan explain Bachmann himself at a Marquette University Forum yesterday:

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