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The Noah Diaries 2011 (13): A rapper in the Obama White House? Oh, horror!


What liberal media?, SD campaign in war on women, Ryan sinking Repugs?, FCC shill goes on Comcast payroll officially, and more

by Noah

5/10/11 -- "Liberal media"? Allow me one last word on the reaction to the death of bin Laden

This comment is really a comment about what some say is "the librul media." If ever there was any doubt about the lack of class in the Bush Crime Family, the reaction of the Bushies in the wake of the killing of bin Laden showed the self-revealing truth about them for the world to see as they quickly fanned out all over TV, seemingly en masse, not to celebrate the death of a mortal enemy of their country (if this is their country), but to use the event for self-glorification and as justification for torture.

Rumsfeld, Rice, Cheney, Andrew Card, Dana Perino, even Liz Cheney (as if she has even an illusion of credentials), Dick Lugar, the pathetic Rudy "9/11" Giuliani, Bush CIA Director Michael Hayden, Michael Chertoff, Rep. Tom Davis were all invited by the corporate media to spread their horse manure all over the Sunday-morning talk shows. At the same time, the shows had Sen. John Kerry, former White House communications director Anita Dunn, and current White House national security adviser Tom Donilon. That’s nearly 4-to-1 Republicans-to-Democrats. Fair and balanced? Nope. Typical? Yep? Liberal media? Are you f---ing kidding me?

5/11/11 -- The jihadists waging war on women would have us worry about Sharia?

Meanwhile, the Republican jihadists in South Dakota have come up with a new anti-abortion law that makes women wait three days after they arrive at the only abortion-providing facility in the state, a Planned Parenthood clinic. If the law goes into effect, women would be required to make more than one trip across a large state or find a hotel for a few days while they go through the Republican-imposed rituals, which include counseling at "pregnancy help centers" (Big Government?), designed to persuade them not to go through with the abortion. Most women these days can’t afford the additional expenditures of increased travel and a hotel stay. The new law will also intrude on a woman’s right to privacy, but did a Republican anywhere ever think that women have rights at all? The jihadists hope their law will become a test case to go after Roe vs. Wade. Previous laws designed by the state’s neo-fascist jihadist element have been overturned by the voters.

Seven months later: A federal judge blocked the law in June on constitutional grounds, and now the governor is hoping for a handout of taxpayer money in order to defend his law. The 8th U.S. Circuit Court of Appeals has agreed to hear the case.

5/11/11 -- Poetry night at the White House, and a rap guy gets invited!

A Grammy-winning one at that. Oh no, it’s that guy Common! Hip-hop! Blackblackblackblack! Negro alert! Negro alert!

Un-American values! Obama goes "back to his radical roots," says white-supremacist handmaiden Sean Hannity! Says Karl Rove, "Thug!" Do we hear another "Kenyan world view" from Newtie? Do we hear another "Mau-Mau" from Huckabee? Can we get a "Mau-Mau," reverend? Yeeesh, and they bitch about every reverend at every church the Obamas go to. New Jersey’s State Police even got in on the act ("Cop killer lyrics cause of N.J. State Police reps' outrage over Common's invitation to White House").

Hmmm. FOX had no problem when Bushie had Eazy-E over, or when Ted Nugent said Obama should suck on his machine gun. Leaving the psychology on that one behind, how about when FOX promoted Common as a good guy for his social activism? Why didn’t the NJ State Police complain then? They also didn’t bitch when Bob Dylan, whose song "Hurricane" is similar, was invited to the White House. Bruce Springsteen, who wrote "41 Shots," about the police murder of an innocent New Yorker, has also been to the White House, as has Bono ("Sunday Bloody Sunday"). No complaints from the righties then! But Common? Well, that’s just a bridge too far for some. I think we know why.

Earlier today I was in a record store down in South Jersey, aka the post-WWII German-Resettlement Sector of the state. The guy who owns the store had the radio tuned to Michael Savage. The amount and intensity of vile racist spew this assclown was shooting out was unfathomable, at least to any sane person. He clearly had never heard the song and just as clearly had never heard of Common, but that didn’t matter. It was black, and it was hip-hop. That was all that mattered. I’ve heard milder speeches from KKK grand wizards.

Savage was so angry that it seemed he might die right on the air in an explosion of hate and vitriol. The guy in the store thought it was funny. He would have had no problem taking my money for a Common CD had I chosen one, though.

In the real world, Common is a positive guy who seems to have been on every major mainstream TV show as both a musical performer and an actor. He uses his fame and influence to tell children to stay in school. He himself went to college and studied business. Maybe that’s what scares Repugs the most; can’t have those minority kids getting educated, you know!

I, for one, have always regarded Common as talented but really a kind of Bill Cosby of hip-hop compared with a lot of what’s out there. But Tucker Carlson immediately played the race perspective (surprise, surprise!), saying that if Common was white he wouldn’t have been invited. This harks back to the Beatles song "Helter Skelter" being blamed for Manson and AC/DC and Ozzy and Judas Priest being blamed for everything from devil-worshipping to teen suicide. If those guys were black, the crackpot contingent would still be harping on it.

I’ve always said that FOX is nothing but Romper Room for cranky old white people, white people with a sicko fear of all things African-American. Remember the insanity over President Obama giving the traditional annual speech to schoolkids? Suddenly, because Obama was doing it, it was "indoctrination," indoctrination into some super-secret socialist-commie Muslim black thing. Earth to FOX viewers: There’s a black dude in the White House, get over it.

Prediction for 2012: The Repugs have hit Obama with everything in their indignation and frustration that Obama is president. They’ve charged him with aiding terrorism, palling around with . . . rappers in the White House, not being from America, you name it. At some point, when they feel they have nothing left and nothing left to lose, some Republican somewhere, probably right on FOX, will "allege" that President Obama is having or had an affair with a white woman, preferably an underage one.

5/12/11 -- House Majority Leader Eric Cancer doesn’t want to honor the Navy Seals who offed bin Laden

So much for supporting the troops. Cancer says it’s not "substantive and meaningful." He also says the Repug-run Congress doesn’t do that kind of thing because it takes up time. Right. But they did find the time recently to honor Sonny and Poppy Bush by naming a building after them in Midland, Texas. What’s next, the Lee Harvey Oswald Courthouse? Gotta take care of your heroes.

5/12/11 -- It’s hard to have a reasonable discussion when one side doesn’t base its arguments on facts

The Freaks on Xtasy channel and the Repugs start with made-up factoids and go from there. It caught up with them recently when the Ryan budget proposal was based on the assumption that Americans would go along with Medicare being done in. That played well only in the Republican alternate universe. It worked on FOX and similar nut places, but not out in America. The Repug congresscritters found this out when they actually went outside the Beltway for some acrimonious town hall meetings. My idea of town hall meetings would include dunking stools, which were sort of an early more "civilized" form of waterboarding. Ryan went from "genius" to maybe not-so-much real quick, but his party still regards him as a man to watch for the future. All of us should watch him.

5/12/11 -- Washington bought and sold? Sleaze and corruption? Nah! Couldn’t be!

FCC Commissioner Meredith Attwell Baker has announced that she is leaving the FCC to become a lobbyist for -- drum roll, please -- Comcast! Four months ago she voted to approve the Comcast-NBC merger. Will she be getting work as a commentator on NBC as well? A new car? Free cable?

Before being appointed to the FCC in 2009, Meredith Attwell Baker was already serving the Comcast cause -- as the Bush regime's acting (because unconfirmable) assistant commerce secretary -- in its battle with the FCC over Net neutrality.

Amazing! She gives Comcast exactly what they want, and then gets a high-paying job from them! No need to connect the dots on this one. Obviously, she treated the hearing on a very serious matter as a job interview. For centuries people have been known to sell themselves in all kinds of ways to get a high-paying job. In Washington it’s simply "how things are." Dirtbag Central. Someone should do a remake of the film Chinatown but center it on Washington. In pictures that accompany her announcement, Commissioner Baker shows off a nice matching pearl necklace-earring set. I wonder what ruling got her those.

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