Tuesday, November 23, 2010

Tom Tomorrow takes on the TSA, which is more than the White House is able to do


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by Ken

Howie has been on top of the invasive-screening-and-pornographic-patdown airport-security scandal that the TSA has blundered its way into. I was startled, though, to read in his report on Sunday that his friend Roland --
like the vast majority of Americans, seems to be pretty complacent about the latest TSA efforts to look like they're keeping the flying public safe with the full-body scanners and intrusive, aggressive full body patdowns, even though I keep telling him it's all a ruse. Last night he told me that he read somewhere that the latest in terror tactics will be for suicide bombers to fill their stomachs with plastic explosives, and we should enjoy the little inconvenience the TSA is inflicting on us now because its going to get a lot worse.

The numbers seem to bear out that Americans by and large don't seem to give a damn about the new "security" procedures, which of really have nothing to do with security but only with bringing home the pork for the corporate cronies who got the contracts to manufacture the blessed machines.

Considering how worked up the apparent minority of Americans seem to be, the numbers seem to bear out this nonchalance. And I think it's safe to say that among those pollees who profess ease with the new developments, nobody is crediting that security-aware Obama administration for making the skies safer. No, I'm going to guess that, as usual where matters of bogus "national security" come into play, those people will be thinking at some higher or lower level of consciousness that it's their tough-on-terrorists right-wing crazies who keep them safe from Isamofascism, just like the Bush regime did (except when it didn't).

Meanwhile, among the people who are screaming bloody murder -- mostly people who actually fly on a regular basis but not int the elite flight classes, I would guess -- the administration has managed, probably rightly, to bear the brunt of the blame for the intrusive scanners and off-the-charts-intrusive patdowns. Meaning that the administration has once again managed to have it both ways. It's now responsible for unleashing all those level-level wage slaves to terrorize children and poke around people's junk, while getting no credit among the fans of fascism who should approve.

Which just reminds us that this White House not only is no good on policy but sucks something fierce at politics (which in Rahmworld is supposed to be the pragmatic justification for all the sucky policy). Of course we just had an election earlier this month which should have taught that lesson. When it comes to learning lessons in the Village, though, we have to remember that only Village-approved lessons are available for learning. Oh well.

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