Tuesday, August 17, 2010

David Rivera Hits The Big Time-- CBS-TV Reports On His Violent Past


After I published this post about how David Rivera beat up a woman, Rivera's campaign manager called and threatened me with a lawsuit, although neither he nor his attorney ever called back. In 2002, when the GOP primary mailing about the vicious beating of a woman took place, Rivera was doing his own dirty work. Police report he actually personally rammed a truck that had the fliers to mail. He was his own thug and goon back in those days. Now he wants to be a U.S. congressman! One side of the flier is above and here's the other side:

Now watch the report on CBS tonight and ask yourself if David Rivera is going to wind up sinking not just himself but the whole Florida GOP. Especially vulnerable: his best friend and roommate, Marco Rubio, another sleazy operator, grasping for power while playing fast and loose with public funds.

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