Saturday, July 24, 2010

Build A Boehner Buildboard Contest Ends Tonight


Last Friday Blue America was really hopeful, even optimistic, that we'd raise the $5,000 necessary to put up a BeatBoehner billboard on the I-75 near Boehner's gated golfing community in West Chester in the very southern part of Ohio's 8th CD. Digby, John and I put up some posts and our friends at People For the American Way and the AFL-CIO did the same and generously offered to match whatever we could raise towards that goal. We were jazzed and we were sure we could pull it off. And did we YOU ever!

In fact, we've raised over $16,000, ordered our first billboard and reserved the space for a second one. The first one will be up in just over a week. It's for 119 Times, the design that got the most votes. As of this writing there were 187 votes for that one (and $3,214.00 donated towards it). The second and third place is a seesaw race between Par For The Course and (143 votes and $2,614.00) and I'd Rather Be Golfing (141 votes and $2,465). We're going to close the voting down tonight, so if you want to get in one last vote for second place, please have a go. And remember, whether you donate $1.00 or $500.00, it counts as one vote. Vote by clicking on the image you want to see us put up as a giant billboard in western Ohio:







As for Boehner... don't take his heartless agenda-- limitless war, limitless tax breaks for the wealthy, no breaks for the middle class-- personally. His sister, Lynda Meineke, says Boehner has two brothers and two brothers-in-law back in Ohio who are out of work. He told reporters after he voted against unemployment insurance last week that three brothers had lost jobs during the recession and he wasn't sure which if any had found work. He did remember that one is named Bob Boehner though.

UPDATE: Final Results

It was clear from the first day of our contest that "119 Times" would win and it did, by a large margin. In the end that board drew 187 votes. The battle for second place went back and forth all week and by midnight "Par For the Course" won by one vote-- 144 against "I'd Rather Be Golfing" with 143 votes! The final results:

119 Times- 187 ($3,214)
Par For the Course- 144 ($2,639)
I'd Rather Be Golfing- 143 (2,525)
Hole In One- 43 ($856)
Born Golfer- 27 ($446)
Shanked It- 16 ($416)

Another 13 people just donated to the general BeatBoehner billboard fund ($395), a page which just goes to putting up billboards against Boehner, not picking which ones. That page will stay open for donations. So... feel free.

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