Thursday, June 10, 2010

Race In New Jersey's 7th CD Shaping Up As Coprorate Shill Leonard Lance Wins Renomination To Battle Pro-Working Family Dem, Ed Potosnak


We've been excited about the progressive Democrat, Ed Potosnak who's running against corporate Republican hack Leonard Lance in northern New Jersey. But Tuesday's New Jersey primary had nothing to do with Potosnak, at least not directly. All the action was on the Republican side, where several teabaggers were running against Lance.

The front runner among the Tea Party candidates running in NJ-07 was David Larson and he scored 31.1% of the vote. The two other deranged teabaggers who-- not understanding the nature of the Republican Party-- were angry that Lance is a corporate whore were Lon Hosford, who got 8.2% and Bruce Baker, who took 4.7% . Lance won renomination with a paltry 56%. That's not a very resounding vote of confidence from his own party's grassroots.

Had he been nominated and elected, Larsen-- who got involved in a spirited campaign poster war with Lance last week-- vowed to work as hard to expand offshore drilling and coal mining, in part because he rejects the possibility of man made global warming. Socially, he would like to see Roe v Wade overturned and believes the foundation of a civilized society is marriage between a man and a woman-- supporting the Defense of Marriage Act.
Leonard Lance won and he's not much better on the issues-- voting against finance reforms, against repealing DADT and pledging to "repeal Obamacare." Lance receives 60% of his contributions from special interests, like big banks, making him perhaps one of the most corrupt freshman in the US Congress. For NJ-07 constituents it didn't make much of a difference who won the primary-- one of the teabaggers or the Republican incumbent who shares the majority of their views; voters in the district have a Republican nominee completely out of touch with the interests and needs of New Jersey working families.
In this contest, there's only one candidate right for the district. Ed Potosnak solidified Democratic support before primary day because people knew he could get the job done. As a chemistry teacher, a small business owner and the first teacher from New Jersey selected to be an Albert Einstein Fellow, he understands the anxieties of his district and is best equipped to fight. He wants to go to Congress for laudable purposes-- to help create jobs, strengthen the economy and secure the weakened financial system. It's worthwhile to help him get there.

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