Friday, June 04, 2010

Our Man In Southeast Wisconsin Journeys Into The Heart of Paul Ryan World-- And Tells All


-by David Sherbula

Elkhorn, WI

Monte Carlo Room


Let me start out by saying I am an unapologetic Liberal with a capital L. And I happen to live in Wisconsin's first congressional district. 

That's right, Darth Ryan's district. It is largely an evil empire. You know, the type that cherry picks the Bible to justify their beliefs, but thinks it is wrong to have as many wives as Moses.

They believe the only good welfare is dairy and farm supports. 

Everyone else should pull themselves up by the bootstraps! Be self reliant! Less Government!

I attended a listening session with Rep. Paul Ryan today. I probably did not start out on the right foot by standing in front of the banquet hall handing out fliers depicting Rep. Ryan as Eddie Munster with GW Bush as Woof Woof asking him to not cut our Social Security and Medicare.

When I arrived and began talking to the people who came for the listening session, the reaction to me was not even tepid. Cold as ice. Paul Ryan is their Messiah. Who is that heretic questioning Rep. Ryan's intentions? 

Rep. Ryan started the listening session by not listening. A Power Point presentation for 20 minutes.  Graphs, charts statistics describing the Armageddon to come. If we do not slash spending.   Specifically entitlements. No mention of defense spending or farm subsidies.


Over and over again.

The Q&A would have been enjoyable had he ever called on me. Nothing but devoted followers had the chance to speak. Not one question or even a mention about the two wars we are fighting. 

There was a question about the Auto Industry bailout. The attendees wanted to know why the U.S. Government did it. Rep. Ryan said he was not for it (even though his home town has been decimated by the GM Janesville plant closing). 

At that point I could not take any more silently and shouted "what about the bank bailout you voted for?). Silence. No eye contact. No acknowledgment of me.

The only non-softball question came about the Gulf oil spill and if he was for raising the liability limits. His answer was a classic dodge, "I'm looking at that." No outrage. And since he's taken $182,000 from Big Oil, more money than any other Wisconsin congressman in history... well, we can make a good guess what decision he'll make after he's done "looking at that."

I tried to have discussions with some of the attendees. When I described Rep. Ryan's Roadmap they did not believe me. So much for reading position statements.

His plan is a complete bribe to people 55 and over. Plain and simple. Vote for me and you get to keep your benefits and I will lower your taxes.

If you are under 55, I'm sorry kid but there is nothing I can do for you. By the way, I already have Government health insurance and pension. So do well, or die quickly (Thank you Rep. Grayson for that line I plagiarized).

It was apparent I would never be allowed to ask a question. As the Q&A wrapped up I gave the local newspaper photographer/reporter an Eddie Munster poster and as I left reminded the Pages what their boss has in mind for them.  

Do well, or die quickly. There are no life boats in Rep. Ryan's world-- except for the one for Ryan himself: the DCCC. They rail against him constantly but have never and will never help any Democrat who runs against him. This year they are maliciously ignoring Paulette Garin, Ryan's Democratic opponent. If you've ever considered donating to the DCCC, give the money to Paulette instead.

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At 1:13 PM, Anonymous me said...

"No mention of defense spending or farm subsidies."

Yeah, that figures.

But please don't call the military budget "defense" spending. By doing so, you are just buying into their deliberate perversion of the language.

After WWII, the Frank Luntzes of the day knew full well that the public would no longer tolerate massive spending on the War Department. But "Defense Department" sounds much more reasonable, don't you think? Don't let anyone fool you - THAT is why they changed the name, and for no other reason.

We spend as much on the military as the entire rest of the world put together, including our allies. Together with our allies, we outspend the rest of the world probably 3 to 1.

This is not for defense. Call it "empire maintenance" or even "war", but it's not defense.


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