Wednesday, May 25, 2011

If this is anything to go by, the latest addition to the DailyKos comics lineup looks OK


Mark Fiore

"Tea Bag -- because other languages are just too hard!"

by Ken

Yesterday on DailyKos Markos introduced the latest addition to the DK Comics lineup (updating my last post on the subject), Mark Fiore:
You may have already seen Mark Fiore's animated work at its home base at [with a sample included onsite].

You may have heard about him when this piece [meaning the "Learn to Speak Tea Bag" piece I've put up top] elicited howls of protests from the teabaggers while Bill O'Reilly blew a fuse.

You may have heard about Fiore when some pigheaded person at Apple declined his iPhone app because it "ridicule(d) public figures" (and it does!). Apple later reversed its decision.

And you may have heard about Fiore when he became the first animated and online-only cartoonist to win the Pulitzer Prize.

Markos even gets off a pretty good quip after running through the DK comics lineup as it now stands: "Tom Tomorrow's This Modern World on Mondays, Jen Sorensen's Slowpoke on Wednesdays, Mark Fiore on Thursday, Matt Bors on Fridays, and Eric Lewis' Animal Nuz on Saturday."
As I read those names, Fiore, Bors, Sorensen, Tomorrow, Lewis, I'm filled with gratitude that I'm a liberal. Because if I was a conservative, I'd have to pretend that Mallard Filmore was funny.

I just looked at today's Slowpoke, "Tax Evasion Funnies," and I'm still not getting Jen Sorensen. Ditto Matt Bors's Friday outing, "Bin Laden's Porn Collection." (Hmm, suddenly Mallard Filmore isn't looking so ridiculous.) I'll try to remember to check out Fiore tomorrow, though.

I always try to remember to check out the incomparable Tom Tomorrow, but I forget a lot. For the benefit of other forgetters, here's Monday's strip:

The Slow Boil
[Don't forget to click to enlarge.]


Let's all try to remember the URL: Shouldn't be that difficult to remember, wouldn't you think?

Still, it seems kind of crazy to me that there isn't any obvious link -- at least not obvious enough for me to find -- on the DK home page.

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At 7:45 PM, Anonymous Anonymous said...

Mustn't question the Almighty Kos site. You'll get shunned and accused of being an Obama-hating/loving Quisling. The Almighty Kos site is very cliquish, self-relevant, self-referential, and also self-reverential. You must know how to kiss up, tiptoe through the tulips, and kiss ass at the same time. Otherwise, you're just not Kos material. And don't be shrill, for God's sakes. The Almighty Kos site will cry if you do, and blame you for not being sensitive enough to its delicate needs. It's turned cultish.
- L.P.


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