Tuesday, March 30, 2010

Rachel Maddow's Got More On The Right-Wing Hutaree Militia


April 19 is the 15th anniversary of the Oklahoma City bombing and these militia goons are going to celebrate it by marching on Washington, armed. They're not just violent, ignorant, delusional malcontents and domestic terrorists-- heavily armed ones-- but they are also a lifestyle... for the whole family. (And, by the way, Oklahomans celebrate the bombing of their own state by becoming and more and more crackpot reactionary, electing people like Inhofe, Coburn, Fallon, Cole, Sullivan and Boren.

Our pal Dave Neiwert, author of The Eliminationists joined Rachel tonight and helped put right-wing anti-government domestic terrorism into context.

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At 4:34 AM, Blogger cybermome said...

For those right wingnut cases that periodically end up here, I think it's testatment to Howie's belief in REAL free speech however crazy that the Gucci shit on my left is still there.

I just said good bye to my best friend of over 30 years because she believes in the end times and "biblical" prophecies. She DID vote for Obama, but if you asked her now I bet she would say he's the anti christ. We've now compounded problems here in the US giving a free pass to religious beliefs that are crazy, and now they have guns.

At 11:41 PM, Blogger Khakjaan Wessington said...

From Rood of Wood to Dream of the M-16 [Today's News Poem, March 31, 2010]
“An Internet posting declaring war on a government agency was what provoked federal law enforcement to close in on the nine Christian extremist militia members who are now charged with plotting an attack on police.”
-Emily Friedman and Tahman Bradley, ABC News, March 31, 2010
“Mr. Putin said it is a matter of honor for law enforcement agencies to dredge the militants out of sewer and to bring them into God's daylight... Umarov says that if Russians think the war is far away in the Caucasus, then "praise Allah" his organization intends to prove that the war will come home to them.”
-Peter Fedynsky, Voice of America, March 31, 2010
“Drain the pond to catch the fish.”
-Mao Zedong

The holy word was written the stock
“I dare you: face the other end and mock
The Lord again.” Theology is lead.
And true believers? Alchemists who dread
What coming transmutations might unfold.
It's better then to trade the faith for gold,
Than wait for revelation's cloudy proof.
Since fear of death rebuts the gilded roof,
Since atheists believe we can redeem
This nothingness, with self-inspired theme—
That human love exceeds the evils done—
Rebut them with the barrel of a gun.

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