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Doesn't Everyone Have A Favorite Tea Party Candidate? Meet Mine-- And Also Alan Grayson's


It isn't only progressive heroes like Doug Tudor, Alan Grayson, Connie Saltonstall and Bill Hedrick who have been sharing their thoughts on healthcare with us. You must know about my affinity with the Sarah Palin of the Confederacy, South Carolina congressional candidate Katherine Jenerette. She's fascinating, and I'm rooting for her to bring the Old South Crazy to new heights and give Virginia Foxx, Michelle Bachmann and Mean Jean a run for their money.

Predictably, Katherine wasn't jumping up and down over the Republican Party debacle of Sunday night, and she's not exactly a fan of effective healthcare reform. But she sure did send out one of the most entertaining press releases on the subject that I've seen. Sit back and try to get into it. This one makes Randy Neugebauer and Joe Wilson seem blasé:

Katherine Jenerette on Federalized Health Care Passage: Saint Vitus Dance for Republicans

by Katherine Jenerette

Round One of the Socialized Federalized Medicine-Man fight is over.

As soon as President Obama signs on the dotted line, Round Two will be initiated with a herd of raging bull Attorneys General (AG) from around the country; all in a charge at the red cape of the constitutionality of congress to mandate the purchase of health insurance by individual citizens.

It’s a set up guys. Obama and his brain trust are out in front on this one. They put the ‘thou-shalt-purchase’ clause in the bill deliberately knowing every freedom-loving, red-blooded Republican AG would charge. They intend to have the Republican’s object to this in bit-and-pieces instead of a full frontal attack that the ENTIRE Bill is unconstitutional.

We Republicans bit the bait real good, but, it was a Trojans horse covered with shiny stuff like the abortion debate; deliberately set to get our attention. While all along, ‘Obamanistas’ fully expect that the Supreme Court will strike down the parts that mandate a person will buy insurance or they will pay through the nose to BigFed one way or another. There are bigger problems ahead, so save some ammo.

We had a saying when I was in the desert in the first Gulf War, ‘It’s not just the mouse that ran through the tent you need to worry about – it’s the viper that’s chasing the mouse you better be afraid of.’

When the Supreme Court decision is finally made – with the anticipated ruling, the bumper sticker “I Heart Socialized Medicine” liberal crowd will pull out the already prepared Round Three plan: Public Option in tandem with the Federal Government picking up the tab incrementally to offset the loss.

“But, what else can we do? We can’t leave people without health care can we?” Liberals will sob as the complete implementation of socialized; taxpayer health care is implemented with Under New Management Federal Clinic signs being put up over the old Mayo Clinic signs, and hospitals across the country,

It’s part of the plan. For example, do you believe that Obama just wrote that Executive Order about Federal Funding of Abortions in the eleventh hour before the vote? That thing was written months ago and held to the last minute to make it look like some kind of ‘real’ concession to the hold-outs.

The liberal guys are not some lightweights. They have a plan while we Republicans do a Saint Vitus Dance jerking around the details and nickel-and-diming our attacks that should have been coordinated years ago. It’s not like the Democrats didn’t start this with Clinton Care in the early 1990s.

Anyway, it’s critical that we need to understand their game and focus on a way to repeal this bill and counter it with workable market approaches to health care with the doctors providing that care and the patients at the center of gravity:

(1) States should implement; as difficult as it is, meaningful health care reform for its citizens at the appropriate level of government. Health Care is a real problem.

(2) States should intervene and represent any citizens of their state that the Federal Government decides to fine for failure to purchase insurance.

(3) States should facilitate competition in health care providers and health care facilities, and increase the number of students entering medical and nursing schools.

(4) Republicans better send ‘Constitutional Gun-Fighters’ and thinkers to Congress.

(5) States should band together – repeal the 17th Amendment, and take their Senators back. This action will give the states a place at the table in Washington and put teeth into State Sovereignty again.

If we thought the nightmare of the Federal ‘No Child Left Behind’ program was hard to deal with, just wait for General Hospital USA. Hold your ears and don’t dance to the liberal’s song.

I bet if she wins she'll run against Lindsey Graham, and what a hoot that'll be!

I'm guessing Alan Grayson has an entirely different, though no less cartoonish, favorite teabagger. In his case, it's got to be the official Florida Tea Party candidate running against him, Peg Dunmire, a lifelong Republican who has turned her back on the breathtakingly corrupt Florida GOP to run as a true independent. Although a recent poll shows that 28% of Republicans actually support Grayson, hard-core right-wing extremists will be splitting their votes between whichever sixth-tier candidate the Republicans manage to puke up and Dunmire.
Less than a week after Sarah Palin directed her zombie army to “take out” Congressman Alan Grayson, one of her undead minions has risen to the challenge. Peg Dunmire has filed to run as the Florida Tea Party’s candidate against Grayson in November. Dunmire evidently is the first person to qualify as an official Tea Party candidate in any House race in the country.

“I read Dunmire’s announcement,” said Grayson. “I then forwarded it to the Guinness Book of World Records, for consideration under the category ‘Most Consecutive Cliches.’ This kind of right-wing drivel gave America $4-a-gallon gas and two endless wars, and drove us all to the brink of national bankruptcy. Was she living in a cave for eight years?”

Grayson was asked why he thinks that Dunmire decided not to run as a Republican. He laughed out loud. “Dunmire is not running as a Republican because the Republican Party of Florida smells worse than a rotting carcass. The stench reaches all the way to the Georgia state line,” Grayson said. “For goodness’ sake, on the day that their state leader resigned in disgrace, a ‘Shred-It’ truck rolled up to Republican headquarters. Dunmire doesn’t want any part of what the grand jury in Orange County rightly called their ‘Culture of Corruption.’”

“Whatever money you give to the Republican Party in Orange County ends up in Chairman Lew Oliver’s pocket,” Grayson continued. “He’ll probably take that money from the Palin event and lease a Lexus. Oliver had to rig his own election to win the job, and then he had to cancel all those local Republican Party meetings to keep it. Lew Oliver couldn’t find his rear end with both hands, unless there was a twenty-dollar bill sticking out of it.”

A recent poll of registered Republicans in FL-8 showed Grayson leading the Republican primary, with over 28% of the vote. Grayson’s dozen Republican challengers collectively polled 14.5%, with the remainder undecided. Grayson’s campaign has 14 times more cash on hand than all Republican challengers combined.

Grayson was asked whether he was concerned about Dunmire’s announcement. He said, “not at all. It doesn’t matter to me whom I beat in November.”

Alan will be a live guest at Crooks and Liars tomorrow afternoon. Meanwhile, meet his opponent:

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At 12:00 PM, Blogger Bruce said...

Jenerette is just smart enough to caution us to worry about the viper that's chasing the mouse through her tent, but she's not smart enough to wonder or care why that viper is so desperate for food that it would risk entering a tent full of armed soldiers in hopes of getting it.
Also, should I assume that she is never going to make use of any "Federalized" benefits that she has earned by being a soldier? And while we're at it, Katherine, stay off of my "Federalized" interstate highways and don't eat any food that's been rated safe to eat by a "Federalized" FDA. I wouldn't want to see you branded as a hypocrite.

At 12:30 PM, Anonymous Anonymous said...

Wow, I came here thinking this site would be about the current tyrant in the White House. I would suggest this site change its name to reflect its current support of tyranny, but then again, judging by the traffic here, who would even notice?

At 12:55 PM, Anonymous Mr. Smug said...

I think Anon. needs to read this site more often. He/She might be surprised to see the feelings expressed against "the current tyrant in the White House" and members of BOTH parties. That's why I read Down With Tyranny!

At 12:56 PM, Anonymous Mark Scarbrough said...

Re: Jenerette.
"Anyway" is the "therefore" of morons.

At 8:42 AM, Blogger chantelclaus said...

Kudos to DownWithTyranny! : Regardless of political stance he knows the real deal when he or she comes along. He is spot on about Katherine Jenerette and I applaud his blog and his writings. Thank you for your honest view points. Katherine is no career politician and an American patriot. She is not one of "good ole boys" another reason I like her so much. She is exactly what we need in Congress and I will support her anyway that I can. Keep up the great work DownWithTyranny!!!

At 1:38 PM, Anonymous Anonymous said...

Conspiracy loon "Chelene Nightingale" running for Governor 2010 california, would have you believe she is a teaparty candidate..but, then again she says she is with the Constitution party...on another occasion she is with the AIP and yet again says she is a libertarian...(gets confusing) and to top it off...she is an unemployed radical that stands on corners with a bullhorn yelling at immigrants standing in front of home depots. Yet, this "gem" of a candidate wants you to know she is a real patriot and can lead Californians out of "our" mess. Umm, do a fact check and you will find Ms. Nightingale filed for bankruptcy last year....ah yes, yet another phoney politician trying to yank our chains. NO THANKS!!!

At 2:31 AM, Anonymous Xeranar said...

Who seriously can vote for somebody advocating the repeal of direct election of senators? That is by definition un-democratic. It goes against democracy, liberty, and general decency to try and amend the constitution because one party controls state legislatures for the moment and thinks they can change federal systems.

At 1:17 PM, Blogger McBluefire said...


It's undemocratic and against Liberty to return the election of Senators to the States instead of the popular vote? First of all, Liberty only exists where their is a Republic. In a democracy it can be voted out tomorrow.

The House was intended to be the voice of the people, and the senate the voice of the States. The States, themselves, are elected officials of the people of the States. It makes more sense, however, for the representation of these levels to exist in the federal government. That will help ensure Liberty, not remove it.

Case in point - look what has happened to our fledgling nation since the 17th amendment. Loss of Liberty, more democracy, less law.

Opinion is no way to run a country. The States need their say restored in the federal government and in the end that truly helps us all as we the people make up the states. I am tired of the popular vote (otherwise known as the media swayed vote) deciding who will be put in power in Washington.
Moreover, I am tired of Washington thinking it has power over me because my fellow Americans believe it has power. The office of the President of the United States does not deserve the power it now commands and it only has it because We the People have given it that power. Return it to the old electoral process and remove it from the power it thinks it has. We do not need a popular election of the President because the President does not have our sovereignty, it belongs to each of us respectively and only.

The President's duties are outlined in the Constitution and they do not include "leader of the free world" or King/Emperor of the United States of America.


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