Friday, February 26, 2010

Now can we expect the screeching birthers and other right-wing doodyheads to demand the heads of the Bush regimistas?


Are the Bush regimistas going to catch hell for this now? Just once, could we have one of the RWNM delusionals stand up and say, "I am so full of doody, I make myself puke"?

by Ken

Conservatism was always a pretty scummy political philosophy, proceeding as it did from the assumption -- presumably based on looking in the mirror -- that humans are vile, worthless scum who need to be treated as they are toxic waste, from which the race was divided into S/M teams: the small class who treat the much larger class of savage beasts as their personal slaves. (I don't say that people are all saints. But I do say that unless you build your society around a communal striving for decency, you're going to wind up with, well, a doody-headed society very much like the one Rush Limbaugh and Glenn Beck are working so hard to build.

But at least once upon a time conservatism was a poliical philosophy. Now, after decades of mass self-winnowing, under the thumb of the megacorporate predators and their craven, corrupt tools, the Crap Church fathers, feeding the steady roar of the corrupting and stupidifying Right-Wing Noise Machine, Modern Movement Conservatism seems much closer to a form of mental illness.

Today's case study, courtesy of our WaPo pal Al "In the Loop" Kamen, concerns yet another of the mass psychotic delusions, in the tradition of the Birther Psychosis, that the doodyheads have been sloshing around in their communal cesspools. Since I try very hard not to keep up on these episodes, which require one to lower one's opinion of one's fellow man ever closer to the view of the old political conservatives, I am periodically stunned by the level of stupidity to which the doodyheads are prepared to sink. Okay, Al, lay it on us:
The blogosphere is abuzz over conservatives' charges that a logo being used by the Pentagon's Missile Defense Agency looks very much like a fusion of the Muslim crescent moon and star and the Obama campaign logo. Some folks even detected a similarity to the Iranian Space Agency logo.

Of course that journalist's journalist Matt Drudge hyped the "story." The infamous Frank Gaffney, who has toiled so long and hard to prove that imbecility and insanity are no bars to a career in the defense industries, screeched out the standard right-wing bullshit about the future of America depending on our missile defense. (And never mind that it never has worked, and in the view of sane scientists never can work. After all, when all those zillions of dollars are being poured into right-wing industrialists coffers, and all they have to do is produce an occasional piece of technological crap that isn't expected to do anything, we've got what the right-wing corporatists consider Happy Days -- very different from the kind that forward-looking people-centric Democrats have sung were here again since the days of the first FDR presidential campaign in 1932.

I'm surprised to find our Al admitting that he "thought the conservatives had the better of the argument." Oh, Al, Al, Al! Just look at who you're dealing with here.

Luckily, Al hasn't withdrawn his membership in the reality-based community. And he's able to report:
Turns out, however, the "new" logo is not so new. "This was a logo that was developed three years ago for our recruiting materials and our public Web site," MDA spokesman Rick Lehner told our colleague Ed O'Keefe. "It did not replace our official MDA logo, and of course it has no ties to any political campaign. It was done one year before the 2008 elections. So the whole thing is pretty ridiculous." Lehner said the insignia was chosen because it was "cheaper, because it's three colors as opposed to the five colors on the official logo."

What a minute. Did he say one year before the election? During the George W. Bush administration? Can we get some subpoenas out on this?

Now, of course, all the doodyhead seekers of Doodyhead Truth can be expected, not just to retract and apologize to the people they've been calumnizing, but will of course launch a compensatory belated campaign of hate and character assassination. It should be starting up, um, any minute now.


Again, since I can't bear to keep up with the churning lies and delusions topping the RWNM charts, I have to have my attention directed, and it was just directed to a report Wednesday from our friends at Progressive Nation titled "Conservative Mouthpieces' Newest Crusade -- Condemn Glenn Beck." Whoa! Who knew?

Apparently our Glenn has been making some of the solons of the Doodyhead Right, including Master Rush himself, for turning his attention to the failures of his ideological supposed soulmates. So where he was recently being chided by older-line RWNM types for being, you know, a bit over the top cuckoowise, now he's under fire for questioning the conservative credentials of his brethren -- breeding distrust of (gasp) the Republican Party and possibly even encourging third-party challenges.

I love the way the Progressive Nation poster sums it up:
So, let me get this straight. Prominent conservative voices don’t mind Beck’s deranged conspiracy theories, his humiliating ignorance, and his hatred for those who don’t think as he does. But these conservative voices mind a great deal if Beck notes that Republicans have an embarrassing record when it comes to deficit reduction, the national debt, government spending, and increasing increase the size and scope of the federal government’s powers -- an observation that happens to be true.

What an odd movement.

The only thing is, why would anyone expect truth ever to enter into the calculations of the Doodyhead Right? Truth is what they're fighting against.

I don't suppose there's any hope that the RWNM will slow down, let alone halt, its delusional campaigns to drive decent people out of public life. But wouldn't it be nice if every now and then they accepted responsibiliity for one of the kajillions of bare-faced lies? Just once, I want to hear Gaffney or Drudge or Rush one of those humanoids stand up and say, "Christ almighty, I am so full of doody, I make myself puke."

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At 5:12 AM, Anonymous Lee said...


As usual rich post. Don't know if you started watching Big Love yet?Sissy Spacey is playing a Republican lobbyist now advising the casino. At the end of last week look like she's in cohots with the Ralph Reed like character whose group has been picketing the casino!!! The writers originally had a male actor in mind for this lobbyist, and then they thought it would be more interesting if the lobbyist was female.
AND the part was written for Spacek.

I have 2 clients.BOTH therapists,both authors and both progressive in political views. They both have REALLY interesting views as to the reasons that people become right wing religious
fanatics or as someone here said "crap christianists"

At 7:06 AM, Blogger KenInNY said...

Oops, I misread at first and thought Sissy was playing Ralph Reed. That would have been cool -- butch our little angel up a little!

No, I haven't hooked up with BIG LOVE yet, Lee. I did watch part of, what the heck is it called?, not TRUE GRIT (that's something else altogether), TRUE BLOOD, is it? I get all those shows in the Mormon Vampire genre confused. (It wasn't a happy experience.)

I'm getting horribly backed up in my televiewing, even worse with the DVDs piling up. I know I should be watching more TV, but that "job" thing I keep going to each and every day gets in the way.


At 7:18 AM, Anonymous Lee said...


I wonder if the demographics for True Blood skew middle age female? We seem to love Vampires in all mediums.

Again...cable is giving middle aged female actors a venue. I just read that Alfre Woodard is going to play Lafayettes Mom.

At 9:21 AM, Blogger PurpleGirl said...

When I first saw the logo graphic I thought Vulcan Idic. Either the designer or the staff at NASA who decided on the general idea were Star Trek fans from the original TV show.


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