Thursday, January 21, 2010

Tom Tomorrow asks: Can you spot the difference between Parallel Earth's Pat Robertson and ours?


With Supreme Court ruling non-update below

(Don't forget to click on the cartoon to enlarge it.)

by Ken

Sure, I could explain for you the true significance of the Massachusetts Senate election, and once and for all analyze its impact on the prospects for health care reform [note from DWT copy desk: Were there any prospects for actual health care reform?] and the rest of the Obama legislative program [note from DWT copy desk: Is there an Obama legislative program? Has anybody heard about this?] and the carry-over to the 2010 and 2012 elections. But frankly, I'm sick of the whole thing, and am only too happy to leave that clean-up operation to Howie. (Have we not been screaming for months that the Obama administration's policies were heading us for just such a revolting development?)

The part that might have interested me is Sen.-elect Scott Brown's now-second-biggest life accomplishment: his appearance stark nekkid in Cosmo. For the benefit of art connoisseurs Howie in his last post thoughtfully provided the pint-size reproduction of the single magzine spread which which seems to be all that exists of this great event online, and as an art lover, I have to say it really isn't that impressive. (Am I the only one who finds it erotically underwhelming, even though the guy was certainly decent-looking? Am I reading too much in to suggest that what's really "revealed" here is a deep-rooted drabness of character?) So no, I don't want to get into our Scott -- unless of course there are other, better pictures.

I actually avoided listening to any news Tuesday night, expecting pretty much what happened, and by luck when I heard some news on the radio Wednesday morning, the Massachusetts results had been crowded out of the top spot by -- wham! -- God dumping some more on those poor Haitians. Which brings us back to the universe as it existed pre-Massachusetts, namely in the form of this Tom Tomorrow cartoon, which offers us our Pat Robertson and the Pat Robertson on Parallel Earth, with the ever-so-subtle difference between them.

As for Massachusetts, you remember the episode of Boston Legal in which Alan and Denny had to try a murder case in Los Angeles before impossibly letter-of-the-law, East Coast-hating Judge Harvey Cooper, played so wickedly by Anthony Heald? (And did it so wonderfully that the producers had no choice but to drag the poor fellow to, of all places, Boston for more guest appearnaces.) You remember how Judge Cooper managed to make the word "Massachusetts" sound like Sodom and Gomorrah, and every other den of iniquity back to the Fall, rolled into one? This is what I'm thinking.


Ah, the legacy of the Bush regime lives on. It is, of course, a personal disgrace for Anthony Kennedy to be writing the majority opinion, but of course it's also no accident. Face it, he's not a hell of a lot better than the Court's four declared fascists, and they know how to use the dolt to cover their butts when they're tearing at the fabric of our democracy.

Welcome to America, where we have government of the rich and privileged, by the rich and privileged, for the rich and privileged. And the legions of brain-scoured right-wing shitheads have been hornswoggled into cheering.

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