Saturday, May 02, 2009

Steele On The Way Out As RNC Chair?


New RNC chairman on the horizon?

No one ever accused Republican Congressman Jim Nussle of being a liberal. He's a lifelong conservative who was elected to Congress from Iowa's Quad Cities region in 1990 and left the House to run, unsuccessfully (54-44%), for governor. He then replaced Rob Portman as Bush's head of the OMB. He has kept himself out of the national political debate since he left his White House job-- until this week. On Wednesday he told the Des Moines Register that the national Republican Party needs a thorough reorganization and that new RNC Chair Michael Steele was not the figure the GOP needed to turn itself around.

Apparently, he'd like to replace Steele himself. Most Republicans would probably love that-- if it could be done smoothly and not look too much like a lynching. Steele has turned himself into a national laughing stock but Republicans don't find his bumbling at all humorous. And now worries are starting to surface again about his loose sense of ethics when it comes to other people's-- like the party's-- money. He's still under investigation for misuse of campaign funds in Maryland, including funneling donor money to family members-- and no one is too happy about the $18,500 he just spent on decorating his office-- while still not filling several key positions at the RNC.

Yesterday's Washington Post carried an item about how some RNC members were trying to get the committee's purse strings out of Steele's hand. A resolution is circulating among the 168 members of the RNC that would require that any spending over $100,000 be approved by the executive committee or the treasurer. They'll be meeting next month in a special session to decide whether or not to label Obama a socialist and will try to decide what to do about Steele as well. Steele is reacting hysterically and called the resolution a "scheme" and an attempted power grab.

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At 6:27 AM, Blogger lahru said...

The Republicans problems are not the result of a lack of leadership. They are on the wrong side of to many issues right now. The American people have moved on from Republican rule and are liking it. You can only divide with Abortion, tax cuts, extreme religious views and playing the fear card every 90 days only for so long. They need to get on the board with the views of the majority of the people in this country. Only one problem prevents that and they would have to move to the center which would seem hypocritical and shallow, but I'm sure the shamelessness of most politicians would not let hypocracy get in their way.

At 11:31 AM, Anonymous Anonymous said...

Excellent, a LYNCHING! Exactly.

Oh boy this is great! Flounder.

At 9:19 AM, Anonymous Anonymous said...

WHO CARES ! i don't think many african americans care about steele...we see him as a rnc ploy...they just put him there because that all they had.... republicans want everything to be the way it was,they want the status quote...a pradigm shift has occured in the united states...we want to move into the 22 nd century....they like to think george w bush never existed...well i'm here to remind them..EVERYTHING BUSH TOUCHED TURNED TO SHIT !....... j lewis south carolina

At 7:34 AM, Anonymous Anonymous said...

How come they only started worrying about RNC spending when Steele came in? I don't recall an effort to limit the ability of the chair to spend money when the RNC spent $173K on Palin's clothing.

At 12:17 PM, Anonymous Bil said...

Out of both sides of my mouth it is great and horrible that Steele is going to be Lynched by the RNC.

Great because they deserve to sink as low as possible down there with the Whale Shit and David Vitters Diapers because of the damage they caused PLUS ATTITUDE the last 8 years.

Horrible because we NEED two good parties, and Pelosi/Reid aren't exactly the models. Steele was one of their last chances to get a big tent. Now they will put up pretty boy Willard Romney or some other cartoon figure.

"Oh Boy THIS IS GREAT!" Flounder, and ME again.


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