Sunday, March 15, 2009

The Cheney Quartet For The Future Of The GOP: Eric Cantor, Paul Ryan, Rob Portman & Mark Sanford


Cheney thinks he sees the future of the GOP

Bobby Jindal seems to have botched-- perhaps irreparably-- his debut on the national political stage. But there are still plenty of Republicans who want to offer the nation another opportunity to go back to the catastrophic right-wing policies of the disastrous Bush-Cheney years-- from moderate Mormon Jon Huntsman to extreme right Know Nothing Sarah Palin to flip-floppin' Stand-For-Nothing Mitt Romney and crybaby retread Newt Gingrich. A British paper is reporting today that Bush's favorite general, David Petraeus, will be making a speech in Iowa next year, supposedly an indication that he wants to make a run for the presidency-- or at least present himself as someone the Grand Obstructionist Party can turn to if the current batch of losers and non-starters still looks like a bad version of the Seven Dwarves headed into 2012.

This morning on CNN, though, a delusional Dick Cheney, perhaps the most disliked and distrusted man in American politics, whose response to a litany of failures of his regime was "stuff happens," made it clear where he thinks the Republicans should be looking. He told host John King that the future of the Republican Party lies with far right extremists and ideologues Mark Sanford, Eric Cantor, Paul Ryan, Rob Portman and... Limbaugh, whom he said he "loves."

Sanford is nearing the end of his term as governor of South Carolina and will spend the rest of his political life angling to be vice-president or in someone's cabinet. The Ohio Democratic Party and the DSCC is dealing with Rob Portman's pretensions of inserting himself into the U.S. Senate after his disgraceful role in the Bush Regime's mishandling of the American economy. Eric Cantor's district central Virginia congressional district, the reddest in the state (PVI- R+11) was carefully gerrymandered to skirt Democratic precincts. Obama only scored 46% against McCain there, although he beat McCain in the districts next door represented by Republicans Randy Forbes and Frank Wolf and by Democrat Bobby Scott (76-24%). In short, Cantor is in one of those specially designed districts that is safe from political challenge, at least for now. That leaves Paul Ryan, the most electorally vulnerable of any of the Cheney Quartet.

Obama won the district in November, 51-48% and about a week ago we laid out the case that Ryan can be defeated next year. Blue America has been quiet so far this year. But we've been busy. Paul Ryan will soon learn how busy. Please help us put a stop to one of Dick Cheney's favorite politicians by making a donation to stopping Paul Ryan.

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At 10:48 AM, Blogger Juan Liberale said...

When Cheney came on CNN this morning I switched to the science channel. Every single thing the Dark One has said or done has turned out to be wrong. Not most of his shit was wrong, it was ALL wrong. So, why would anyone listen to the miserable, hateful fool?

You say that Cantor is in a safe district for now and that 'for now' is very important. As the GOP is seen more and more as the obstructionist party, their membership is falling. calling yourself a republican in many places is like going to Afghanistan and admitting that you are an American.

The bastion of republicanism has dwindled to the just the slave states, but even Texas is showing signs of turning against the GOP. It is a new dawn.

At 11:06 AM, Anonymous Anonymous said...

I never IMAGINED Cheney would survive the entire 8 years, credit where credit is due I suppose. I was sure that he would have to fall on his sword somewhere along the way for all the Prince of Darkness stuff he was up to.

Maybe NOW Cheney is falling on his sword and taking one for the Bush2 legacy, by revealing himself to be the EXTREME Paranoid WTF Neocon that he always was, making Bush2 as a fringe Neocon follower look failed, but presidential?

At 11:14 AM, Blogger Jimmy the Saint said...

Someone made a good point yesterday. If you look at Sanford's complete record(which includes his time in Congress as well as being Gov. of SC), he's more Ron Paul then he is Malkinite/Limbaugh tool. And what exactly is Petraeus going to Iowa to speak for?

At 1:09 PM, Blogger Unknown said...

Statement by the US Central Command Public Affairs Office:

Contrary to several recent blogs, General David Petraeus, the Commander of the US Central Command, has not been asked to speak at a university commencement in Iowa in 2010 and has no plans to do so.

It us unclear where this rumor started, but it is not accurate.

Furthermore, General Petraeus is not planning to run for President in 2012. He has repeatedly stated that he feels very privileged to have been able to serve our country in uniform and that he would like to continue to do so as long as those above him want him to serve.

When he retires, he has no intention of seeking political office.

In response to questions about presidential aspirations, General Petraeus has often asked questioners to recall General Sherman’s response to similar queries in the late 1800s. Sherman said, “If nominated, I will not run. If elected, I will not serve.” That remains General Petraeus' response as well.

At 2:43 PM, Anonymous Anonymous said...

Rush Limbaugh is a non educated misanthrope just like Dick Chaney. It takes one to love one.

At 11:23 PM, Blogger Bill Garnett said...

It appears that the cartoon of Congressman Cantor is one I created for a blog post I made on 8 September 2008. You are welcome to post it but only with attribution.
Bill Garnett search?q=Cantor+Banter

p.s. my blog also has quite a few essays posted critical of Congressman Cantor:


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