Monday, January 26, 2009

Arch-Obstructionist Jim Bunning Gets His First Official Challenger-- Dan Mongiardo Is In


Kentucky reactionary, Jim Bunning, one of the Senate's most clueless obstructionists, has his first official opponent for the 2010 re-election campaign that many political observers predict will never happen. Bunning, who, at 77, is so senile that he can barely function and was unable to campaign in 2004, is considered the most vulnerable incumbent in the Senate-- and the one most likely to not run again. Ironically, the man who declared his own candidacy this morning, Lt. Governor Daniel Mongiardo, nearly defeated Bunning last time, less than 1.5% separating them (about 23,000 votes).
"The people of Kentucky deserve a senator that has the vision, energy and record to help improve our state and country... We have a senator who is simply not getting the job done. He offers no ideas, no actions and no solutions. I believe today, as I did in 2004, that Jim Bunning continues to fail the people of our Commonwealth. Kentucky's families deserve better."

Mongiardo, a longtime physician from coal mine country, said reforming health care was the driving force behind his decision to take on Bunning again. "I have made fixing our broken health care system my life's mission," Mongiardo said. "I understand and see every day how the cost of health care is burdening families and damaging the ability of businesses to compete, to grow, and to create jobs."

Republican power brokers feel Bunning has virtually no chance of holding the seat. Jon Cornyn and state party leaders are gently trying to encourage him to announce retirement as soon as possible. GOP congressmen Ed Whitfield and Geoff Davis are both champing at the bit to run for the seat, as is Secretary of State Trey Grayson.

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