Saturday, November 15, 2008

Who Will The Mormon Bigots Attack Next?


Let me assume you're not gay. Instead you're something else. Anything else. You wear glasses. The legitimate government decides to single out everyone who wears glasses for special treatment, very unpleasant special treatment. What would you do? Would you band together with other eyeglass wearers and eyeglass wearer supporters and insist on equality? Or, you could just shut up and take off your eyeglasses and stumble around without being able to see as well. Sound far fetched? Idiotic? In 1976 the King of Cambodia turned over that country's government to Pol Pot's Khmer Rouge. The Khmer Rouge had a vision of an agrarian utopia that was harebrained and insane-- though not nearly as harebrained and insane as Mormonism. Anyone with eyeglasses-- and many with wristwatches-- were considered dangerous counter-revolutionary intellectuals who were different from the Khmer norm. Eventually all the eyeglass wearers were among the 2 million Cambodians who were killed.

Today marks the day American gays are standing up to the most backward and bigoted elements of American society, partially financed and led by an historically violent and perverted, Satanic cult known as Mormons. The Mormon cult leaders in their Salt Lake City lair directed an operation to undermine equality in California, pumping $20 million (perhaps $40 million) into a campaign of slanderous bigotry against peaceful gay families. Many peaceful gay families aren't feeling all that peaceful right now. Gay leaders are urging non-violence at all costs, although the Mormon cult leaders-- with no evidence whatsoever-- are claiming gays have sent them envelopes with white powder, a hoax that the vicious Mormon hierarchy claims are "acts of domestic terrorism against our supporters."
The Utah Pride Center, a gay rights group, put out its own statement calling the powder hoaxes and acts of vandalism "deplorable."

However, the group said, "It is false to conclude that yesterday's suspicious package came from gay protesters. Overwhelmingly, gay and allied Utahns have expressed their pain, frustration and commitment to securing rights through peaceful demonstrations and marches."

Today that premise will be tested everywhere in America... well, not everywhere, but in all these places in California-- and across every other state in the U.S. where there are gay people. And that means all 50 of them (as well as in other countries).

More sedentary gay folks are just joining the boycotts against those who financed the barrage of homophobic hatred against our families. Aside from the entire state of Utah, here's a list of businesses that have advocated homophobia by donating to the anti-gay agenda. Remember the Cambodians with eyeglasses... and the Jews. Let's not take this attack on us too passively.


Calitics has a series of posts about the rallies from Seattle (photo on the right), Albuquerque, Sacramento, Chicago, San Diego, Santa Rosa, etc., as well as press coverage from New York, L.A., Houston, Dan Francisco... Anyone hear from Salt Lake City or any of the backward Mormon communities in the part of the country that voted for McCain?

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At 12:43 PM, Blogger woid said...

I read through the list of Prop 8 supporters, without finding anybody I'm familiar with. But I have a question:


There are an unbelievable number of DDSs and Dental Groups on the list.

Are these the same dentists who the ultra-paranoid believe are putting radio equipment in their fillings? Or is there something in the X-ray equipment, or the nitrous oxide tanks, that turns them into insane bigots?

It's enough to turn me into an Anti-Dentite.

At 3:15 PM, Anonymous Anonymous said...

I'm into "protesting" the Jews for their support of discriminatory racial and gender preferences (AKA affirmative action).
Anything we can do to make these backward "chosen race" morons feel unwelcome will be a blessing for all loving people. Don't allow them to live and vote their faith in peace. Don't do business with them. Don't befriend them. Scream out at their hateful bigotted presence in your community.
Down with the bigots. Hate the haters. We have the right to protest those we accuse of hate.

At 12:58 PM, Anonymous Anonymous said...

We need to get a vote to ban "The Book of Mormon," since it is considered sacrilegious in Christian doctrine.

The Mormon's claim that Prop 8 is about their religious freedom, but what about MY religious freedom?

How about us getting a majority vote to ban "The Book of Mormon", as a former Christian, I know for a fact that it is against the teachings of the faith, not to mention their false prophet. Though, they may claim religious freedom, and I don't understand how they can claim that since many of them don't really believe in "Separation of Church and State" just read their supporter comments. They continue to say that their isn't such a thing as "Separation of Church and State! Why do they think they're still around?

[Affirmative action made the community inclusive, it didn't divide it, that means everyone together. Some companies didn't hire people of color even though they were educated enough to do the work. They would turn them away. Their reason for not hiring was because they didn't like people of color. So, the business was all white Christian's, but no people of color where hired. Affirmative action caused a change in that line of thinking, and the next thing was that the business had a more diverse work force. Though, some still don't like that, obviously! Just check out the some parts of the south, their still angry that Obama won!]

Prop 8 or the Mormons belief that marriage is their invention is false. Marriage is an inherited legal Pagan practice. The church didn't adopt the practice until around the 8th century.

At 1:10 PM, Anonymous Anonymous said...

@anonymous, "protesting" doesn't mean you hate some one. America has grown out of protest, from religious persecution to the abolition of alcohol.

So, protesting is a way to get the message out when tyranny has taken place.

When the Mormon's say things like same-sex couple's don't deserve civil marriage, and we protest that, it doesn't mean we don't love them. We just want them to ban "The Book of Mormon" we're saying this out of love because it's what the lord want, and we don't want them to burn in hell for it. We're trying to save them, not hate them....

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At 10:49 AM, Anonymous Anonymous said...

Don't I know it. I'm not gay but I am ethnic and non-mormon and trying to get a job in Utah is like trying to find a needle in a haystack. They will grant you the formality of an interview but you know the whole time it's going absolutely nowhere. The few jobs I've held were because the interviewers were non-mormon themselves.


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