Monday, November 10, 2008

Miriam Makeba- R.I.P.


Miriam Makeba died-- onstage in Italy-- Sunday at the age of 76. Aside from being a great South African singer, she was a true citizen of the world, with 10 passports after the right-wing apartheid regime revoked her South African citizenship. Later a right-wing U.S. regime also made life hellish for her after she married Stokely Charmichael in 1968. That was right around the time when I hired her to play a concert at my school. She left the U.S. soon after.

Nelson Mandela gave her the name "Mother Africa." Her most famous song is "Pata Pata," which I made into a little DWT memorium for her. The first song of hers I ever heard though was "The Click Song," which is part of the Xosa language, she got from her father. A teacher turned me onto the music and I found out about the liberationist politics later. She was a great woman and a great musician and she will be missed.



At 10:42 AM, Blogger Oaktown Girl said...

What a wonderful woman. Thanks for sharing this.

I remember "The Click Song" from when I was a little kid. Loved it, of course.


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