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Inside The Sick And Demented Mind Of A Republican Grappling For Answers To Why His Party Was Routed-- But Unable To Face The Truth


Yesterday Fred Kaplan warned us about war criminal Don Rumsfeld's revisionist memoirs. They're not written yet put Kaplan is interpolating from the revisionist Op-Ed Rumsfeld did a few days ago for the NY Times. Rumsfeld hasn't been hauled before any war crimes tribunals yet and it's not likely he ever will be. Instead, he's busy with self-serving re-writes of history. His motivation is writ large.

Robert Hardaway is a law professor at the University of Denver and his motivations are less obvious-- but even more crackpot and delusional than Rummy's. Reading his poisonous screed in today's Rocky Mountain News I imagined what I would have done had I ever walked into a classroom and found as reactionary a jackass as Hardaway spouting off.

If you think that all the willful ignorance and bigotry from the far, far right comes from toothless rednecks running around in Klan robes in the hill country of Georgia and Tennessee and in Mormon cult centers, you haven't read anything from neo-fascist polemicist Robert Hardaway. And, yes, there are imbeciles are other law schools besides Regent and Liberty. Hardaway is like a walking, talking, barking personification of exactly why the American people have rejected the GOP. In Colorado, McCain was supported by 45% of voters while lunatic fringe Senate candidate Robert Schaffer got 42% and extremist nut incumbent Marilyn Musgrave was supported by 44% of her constituents. Let the professor speak for himself:
It should have been a slam-dunk for the Republicans in the 2008 presidential election. After all, the Democrats had inexplicably chosen as their nominee the least-qualified candidate in American history. Indeed, the only other candidate in American history to go directly from the Senate to the White House with neither gubernatorial nor military executive experience was Warren G. Harding, by consensus the worst president in American history. Moreover, Obama's voting record in the Senate has also been rated as the most hard-left voting record in American history.

To lose to such a candidate required more than simple ineptitude. It required an almost pathological determination to lose.

And yet, it may yet prove of value to the Republican Party if it can learn the following lessons from its defeat:

First, if you are going to go against an obviously unqualified candidate, choose a candidate with substantial executive experience. Only a handful of candidates in American history have ever succeeded to the office of the presidency without at least some gubernatorial executive experience. The Republicans had their chance to choose Mitt Romney, who not only had experience as a governor, but also experience as a business leader and organizer of the Olympics. Romney also "walked the walk" on universal health care in Massachusetts, unlike Democrats who have traditionally only talked the talk.

Second, don't reject a candidate because of his religion. Polls of Republicans expressed greater reservations over a Mormon candidate than an Islamic one.

Third, don't choose a man in his 70s to go up against a candidate of youth, vigor, and charisma, especially when your own candidate also has no executive experience.

Fourth, don't assume that independent voters will vote for the candidate who best upholds such traditional values as fiscal responsibility, strong national security, protection of our borders, and limited government. We should know by now that swing voters vote on the basis of personality and television persona. Thus, Obama's impending victory no more reflects the electorate's turn to the hard left, than Reagan's 49-state electoral victory in 1980 reflected a turn to the right.

Fifth, don't insult the intelligence of the voters with simplistic characterizations of the opponent's positions. Those only fuel counterattacks by a sympathetic media eager to show that 30-second ads do not completely set forth the complexities of the opponent's agenda. Rather, Republican ads need only have shown, without commentary, actual videos of Obama refusing to put his hand over his heart during the playing of the national anthem, his statement that he had visited "57 states" and the town hall video in which he talked about the need for asthma suffers to get "breathalyzers"-- followed by the simple question: "Ready to lead? You decide."

Sixth, ask voters whether the old American adage still holds true-- namely that one's character is evaluated in large part by the company he keeps. And leave it at that. No need to name names.

Seventh, don't let your party be outspent by such business tycoons as George Soros.

Eighth, and perhaps hardest of all, set aside social issues and concentrate on fiscal responsibility, national security, border protection, and fairness to the teeming millions of those seeking legal immigration. You don't have to give up your principles on social issues, but, absent a Reagan-quality communicator as your nominee, you're not going to win on them.

Ninth, decide whether public displays of support for such issues are worth losing an election.

And finally-- at number ten-- get some members of your party to audition for Saturday Night Live. There should be ample material (see No. 5 above).

So if you have a kid thinking of the University of Denver...

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At 1:53 PM, Blogger Steve Balboni said...

DU Law alumni, class of '05

I don't recall him being there while I was in school but this is embarrassing nonetheless.

At 2:50 PM, Anonymous Anonymous said...


I'm surprised he didn't piss, whine, and moan about ACORN or the "bitter" remarks. I'm also surprised a newspaper hasn't put him on their editorial staff; he gets everything wrong and knows nothing about public opinion, and look how well that worked out for Bill Kristol.

At 3:37 PM, Blogger Distributorcap said...

you mean someone even more idiotic than sarah palin.....

his mother must be so proud of him....

At 4:20 AM, Anonymous Anonymous said...

just some more "sour grapes" from the repubs.........always looking for ways to blame it on someone or something........

At 4:57 AM, Anonymous Anonymous said...

More firsts for Obama; least experienced candidate EVER and most left leaning, pinko, commie, voting record in the history of the US Senate. Really?
Mitt Romney was the savior of the Rethuglican Party? Really?
Why are drooling idiots like this hired as educators of any kind?
Would you want this loon teaching your kids?
Students, please give thanks on this day if your teacher is sane and actually teaches you to think critically.

At 4:13 PM, Anonymous Anonymous said...

I just discovered Robert Hardaway when I was doing a search regarding the personal violations one may be forced to experience at airports in order to travel in the USA.

After reading his comments, I naturally did a search for Robert Hardaway idiot. What a relief to see there are still some thinking people in spite of this climate of rationalizing treating average citizens as criminals at airports.

My recent airport experince was terrible. I was traveling with a medical boot and was left teetering on one shoeless foot for extended periods of time before my boot and hands were stroked by filthy gloves that had touched the bodies of countless travelers from unknown places. My boot was tested for exlosives using wands that were connected to an explosive detecting machine. As if that were not enough, my hands were swabbed and touched with the same filthy glove and tested for explosives, too. As a person traveling with a handicap, I was discriminated against. I was left in a transparent box for a long time at one point, while waiting for further secuirity testing. I was told not to touch anything. I could barely stand up with my boot and no shoe on the other foot. When I politely suggested they add a transparent bench so disabled people could sit while waiting, I was laughed at.

I believe those little people at the airports are part of the problem. Many appear drunk with power and hungry for authority. They are taking the screening too far and being deliberately disrespectful. When one of them delivers some horrible contagious virus to hundreds of people at one airport in one day through their filthy gloves, we will see if that gets blasted over the networks!

The least the small-minded people could do would be to change gloves for each traveler and provide places for disabled people to sit while they await security's gropes and humiliation.

Personally, I disinfected my hands as soon as I was away from the people with the filthy self-protecting gloves that had contaminated me with who-knows-what! I was unable to disinfect my medical boot.

Someone with the profile level of Robert Hardaway can do a lot of damage promoting violating personal rights. Perhaps someday he'll get strip-searched, cavities and all, when he is undergoing cancer treatment and has doctor's orders not to be scanned.

Like my 80 year old fellow traveler and WWII veteran with knee implants who was treated worse than me, maybe he'll be treated as a criminal in his own country. Come to think of it, perhaps treating Robert Hardaway as a traitor would be appropriate.

A lot of money is being made through this new security. Once people make money on something, it can be very hard to take away that steady income.

Real American


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