Monday, November 03, 2008

How do you plan to spend Election Night?


Hmm, maybe I should catch up on my sudden backlog of unwatched episodes of The Wire. Great entertainment, and a message depressing enough to suit tomorrow night's worst contingencies. (I've already seen season five, so as I've caught up on seasons one through four, I already know how things turn out for the wily and strangely charming Proposition Joe [Robert F. Chew, above]).

by Ken

So, how do you plan to spend Election Night? Partly I'm curious, and partly I'm looking for guidance. I haven't figured it out for my own self yet, and time is getting short.

I suppose I could latch onto some liberal-symp group preparing to make whoopee. But I'm not so good in groups, especially groups of strangers.

And most of all, I'm consumed with secret terror about the outcome tomorrow.

Oh, I know all about the polls, and all the even more encouraging private polls. Of course I know logically that it should be a GOP rout. And yet, deep down, I don't know. I guess I'm so used to Election Day horror shows that my psyche naturally gravitates to scenarios whereby it all comes undone.

Remember, we were being told in 2004 that Kerry was gonna win.

And besides, I can't forget that:

(a) there are going to be a lot of really terrible Democrats among the winners,

(b) the Democratic congressional leadership has yet to show that, even if it gets substantially larger majorities, it holds any priority higher than showing Corporate America that it can be just as stoogelike as that other party they usually support,

(c) the problems facing President-elect Obama (I don't even want to think about the alternative) are so monumental that even if it turns out that I'm comfortable with his proposed solutions (not at all a sure thing given our ideological gap), can anyone cope with the wreckage)?, and, perhaps most worrying,

(d) the McCranky campaign's strident, even violent across-the-board rejection of every vestige of reality and decency has almost certainly hardened some 40-45 percent of the electorate into a blood-oath-sworn commitment to lies, delusion, ignorance, hatred, and obstruction -- is this country even going to be governable?

A good part of me just wants it to be over, one way or another. If it all goes well, there will be plenty of time to celebrate -- after taking some really deep breaths of relief. If all doesn't go well, well, won't that be easier to absorb in one crushing blow than to spread out the agony over an indefinite period? My even more distrustful friend Peter has applied this attitude as much as humanly possible toward the whole 2008 election process. He says just wake him when it's over, and he'll deal with whatever needs dealing with then. (Of course he hasn't been able to completely avoid news of what's going on. Still, I have to admire the ideal.)

When I talked to Howie about this yesterday (in the online era I've wound up spending a good part of a bunch of Election Nights IM-ing with him, but I would be up to even that this time around, and in any case he has commitments for tomorrow night), he asked when I would be likely to arrive home, and when I said that it couldn't be earlier than about 7, he pointed out that by then we may have a pretty good vision of what's happening. The Virginia results, for example, should tell us a lot.

I could go to my (sort of) second job, as I used to do on Tuesday nights before my schedule got upended. There is a TV in the office, but without cable. But I guess tomorrow night even the networks will be in Election Night mode by 7.

I thought maybe this would be a good night to shell out the $12 or whatever ransom they're asking these days to see a movie. I know if I go straight home at some point I'll give in to the temptation to sneak a peek at The Show. I noticed that BBC America is carrying the BBC's coverage -- that might be a way of giving the bloody thing a veneer of civilization.

My backup plan is: Suddenly I've got a backlog of unwatched episodes of The Wire stored up on my DVR, from BET's weirdly scheduled wee-hours rebroadcast. (The backlog is probably in part the result of my now having to spend two and a half hours each weeknight with Keith Olbermann, Rachel Maddow, and Jon Stewart.) Maybe this is my chance to get caught up. The show is so amazingly well done that it's a treat to watch, depressing as the overall message is.

Hmm, a depressing overall message . . . I could be on the right track here.

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At 12:47 PM, Blogger Bruce said...

I think I'll watch a nice inspirational movie like "Death Rides A Horse" starring Lee Van Cleef. Ennio Morricone's music alone provides a nice soundtrack. Maybe I'll just play the soundtrack while watching the coverage. Or maybe "Once Upon A Time In The West", also with Morricone's music. Revenge, even if partial, is still a dish worth serving. The idea would be, of course, to keep it coming, but, alas, our political system works in cycles, ever degrading cycles.

At 12:56 PM, Blogger KenInNY said...

I like it, Bruce!


At 1:07 PM, Blogger cybermome said...

me...I'm the minority inspector and will work all day til the polls close. Then i will take the tape to our local headquarters and we will do the tally for our 'burb. I'm in Montgomery county Pa and Bo can't win here unless we carry him.My sister is in from NYC having already voted and shes helping out. If we have energy left we will go to the local union to watch and party..

At 1:24 PM, Anonymous Anonymous said...

I'll be listening to some music, reading, and occasionally monitoring state elections via the Web. I'm more curious about how progressive candidates are doing, than I am by either how much Obama trounces McCain, or how much BS I can swallow as DC pundits spin it.

At 1:50 PM, Blogger Unknown said...

"A lie told often enough becomes the truth" ---Vladimir Lenin

Hero of Barack HUSSEIN Obama

At 2:19 PM, Anonymous Anonymous said...

For Robert-
1. Hitler called it "The Big Lie".
2. Hussein means BLESSING. Sounds like a nice name to me.
3. It remains to be seen whether Obama's truth can overcome the media's bias against him but it is funny to watch a very few of them try to jump on the band wagon or, at least, pull their punches a bit. I call it the weathervane factor. I would like to see them talk about Palin's witch hunting pastor or her connections to and support of the radical secessionist group whose leader said he hates all things America and American institutions, but, hey, that would be fair and balanced.

At 2:49 PM, Blogger KenInNY said...

So, Robert, it appears you plan to spend Election Day the way you spend all the others: lying? And at the end of a campaign season like this, where virtually every word out of the mouth of every Republican has been a mixture of outright lies with delusions and psychotic episodes, is it really wise for you wingnuts to be blithering about lies?

(By the way, Robert, it's a lucky thing that you're not religious, because for the loathsome as well as psychotic anti-Muslim slur you would obviously be doomed to roast in Hell for eternity.)

Thanks to all the others.

You've put your finger on part of my problem, Balakirev. While of course I do care about the presidential race, and the networks will also be reporting raw numbers about the composition of the new Senate and House, it will be necessary to dig for the info I would really want -- how those really fine candidates in scattered races around the country fared.


At 3:42 PM, Anonymous Anonymous said...

Count me on paying some attention to your blog, Keninny. That is, if you'll be discussing any of the results as they come in. At least that way I won't have to take in praise for the Blue Dogs, as I would if I just followed Daily Kos.

At 6:01 PM, Blogger Dr. Tex Nology said...

On my way out earlier tonight, I told a neighbor I was going to buy a bottle of champagne to celebrate the victory tomorrow ... he told me that I better buy a bottle of scotch too, just in case.

At 10:33 PM, Blogger Darren said...

I'll be with Alan Grayson, celebrating a victory.

At 8:48 AM, Anonymous Anonymous said...

I will be watching returns with my husband. I will watch them on MSNBC so that if nothing else, Keith will be comforting to me. I wish at times like this I did not give up smoking or nail biting.

We will not take anything for granted. I am not sure how I would deal with a stolen election if it happened again. I think a national strike would be a good start. I would be in favor of participating in that.

At 11:13 AM, Blogger KenInNY said...

Thanks to all, and I hope everyone has a great night. I still haven't figured out what I'm going to do, but I notice that my stomach is starting to unclench just a little, so maybe I'll brave it in real time.

By the way, Arianna Huffington's got a list of great online election resources posted on HuffPost.

If I have the TV on, it'll certainly be MSNBC for me too, Teach, for Keith and Rachel and the gang -- and I'll just switch to the Food Network anytime dotty "Uncle" Pat shows up.



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