Saturday, November 15, 2008

Far Right's Knives Come Out-- Threating Boehner, Slashing McCain


DeMint favors selling South Carolina out to Mormon cult

A few days ago GOP poet laureate Ted Nugent declared war on "moderates" (i.e.- mainstream conservatives) within his own shattered and bleeding party. He especially attacked the man he had been campaigning for 2 weeks ago, John McCain and decreed that McCain should have no role in determining the future of the GOP. Instead he'd like to see silly right-wing gossip columnist Michelle Malkin play a dominant role. And the following day, the very same Malkin, as if on cue, was calling the presidential candidate she had been urging her brain dead supporters to vote for McLame.

OK, granted, no serious people anywhere take either of these clowns seriously. Or do they? It wasn't that long ago that America's most reactionary senator, South Carolina lunatic fringe loudmouth Jim DeMint was planting stories in right-wing blogs that McCain was considering him as a running mate. No one ever invited him to any of the McCain picnics at any of the 13 or 14 homes. But DeMint, good little zombie and unprincipled partisan hack that he is, was stumping for McCain anyway. The it turns out that DeMint was less than truthful when he was urging his constituents to vote for McCain-- either than or he's had a sudden change of heart. Yesterday DeMint, telling a GOP planning session that the party needs to advocate more of a theocratic form of government, blamed McCain for dragging the party into ruin by betraying conservative values. According to CNN, "DeMint offered a long list of complaints about McCain's record in the Senate and on the campaign trail."

"McCain, who is proponent of campaign finance reform that weakened party organizations and basically put George Soros in the driver's seat. His proposal for amnesty for illegals. His support of global warming, cap-and-trade programs that will put another burden on our economy. And of course, his embrace of the bailout right before the election was probably the nail in our coffin this last election. And he has been an opponent of drilling in ANWR, at a time when energy is so important. It really didn't fit the label, but he was our package."

And McCain isn't the only conservative leader coming under attack by the clueless and power-hungry fascists in the Republican Party. One of California's most extreme right-wing members of Congress, Dan Lungren, despite nearly being defeated by a largely unknown and unfinanced progressive Democrat, has declared that he's going to hold John Boehner accountable by challenging him for the very diminished House Minority Leader position. Keep in mind that Boehner's two top lieutenants, Blunt and Putnam, have already fallen on their swords as the scapegoats for the catastrophe of 2006/2008.

The much disliked Lungren only managed to scrape by his own re-election bid with 50% of the vote, seriously under-polling McCain, and is likely to face a far more serious challenge in 2010. He blames Boehner's inept leadership for the problems he sees the Republican House caucus mired in.
“If we don’t admit our difficulties and address them aggressively, we not only run the risk of becoming a permanent congressional minority but we will do a disservice to our nation,” Lungren wrote. “If we choose by inaction to ignore the real challenges we face, then paraphrasing President Reagan, we deserve to be regulated to the trash heap of history.”

An extremist even by Republican standards, Lungren isn't likely to get more than a dozen votes if he pursues his challenge, which isn't likely now that he's managed to get his name in the newspaper for something other than being the California Republican incumbent with the smallest percentage of votes.

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At 5:24 AM, Blogger Celestite said...

I agree that they should focus more on a theocracy type of government. It would make it easier for fiscal conservatives to run screaming from the camp.

At 6:50 AM, Anonymous Anonymous said...

When you put too many rats in a cage, they begin to attack each other.

There are definitely too many rats in the conservative cage. They should be reduced to the number that could be flushed down the toilet.


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