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DownWithTyranny Congressional Contest-- You Can Win $200 If You've Been Paying Attention


Delusional Republican hacks-- with an eye on a disastrous takeover of a prostrate GOP by the far right extremists who have embraced Palin-- are busy persuading each other that if only McCain hadn't be on the ticket... Meanwhile, data-based analysts are coming to the conclusion that Palin has done McCain far more harm than good-- even beyond causing massive desertions by 3-digit IQ Republicans and by scores of usually reliable Republican newspaper editorial boards.
A CNN/Opinion Research Corporation survey released Sunday indicates that McCain's running mate is growing less popular among voters and may be costing the Republican presidential nominee a few crucial percentage points in the race for the White House.

Fifty-seven percent of likely voters questioned in the poll say that Palin does not have the personal qualities a president should have. That's up eight points since September. Fifty-three percent say that she does not agree with them on important issues. That's also higher than in September.

Over 50 newspapers that backed Bush in 2004, have backed Obama this year, many of them blaming either Palin or McCain's judgment in picking Palin as either THE key reason or a key reason. Yesterday the biggest newspaper in Tucson, the Arizona Daily Star only hinted at Palin as part of the reason they've decided to abandon McCain for Obama:
[Obama] demonstrates leadership by surrounding himself with smart people who will strengthen his administration. For vice president Obama chose Joseph Biden, a U.S. senator with 35 years of experience, a foreign policy expert qualified to be president.

As of Friday, Editor and Publisher was calling the newspaper endorsement war a landslide.

Newspaper editors and high ranking Republicans took a look at Palin and ran to Obama. Unless all the reputable polls are as wrong as the crazy wingnuts and brain-dead extremists insist they are-- or unless the GOP steals the election again-- it's time to stick a fork in McCain. But what about the GOP firewall in Congress? Today's NY Times says they're scrambling to save as many seats as they can in the wake of what looks like a landslide for Obama. On the Senate side there's an all-out effort to save Norm Coleman (latest polling shows Franken winning by 4%), Chambliss, Wicker, Sununu (hopeless), Dole and Smith (also hopeless).
Sensing an extraordinary opportunity to expand their numbers in both the House and Senate, Democrats were spending freely on television advertising across the campaign map. Senate Democrats were active in nine states where Republicans are running for re-election; House Democrats, meanwhile, bought advertising in 63 districts, twice the number of districts where Republicans bought advertisements and helped candidates.

The Times goes on and on with who they think is winning Senate and House seats. They read the same stuff you do. Tell you what... I'll send out two $100 checks-- to whoever can come closest to naming all the new members of the Senate and whoever can name all the new members of the House. Send in your e-mail by midnight (PT) tonight to One e-mail for the Senate contest and one e-mail for the House contest.


VA-05 might be seeing the first big upset of the election. Polls close there tomorrow at 7pm (EST) and it's looking like Tom Perriello has the momentum he needs to go all the way! A new SUSA poll shows his race against the bigoted and corrupt Virgil Goode in a statistical tie! And maybe those late Mark Warner radio ads are kicking in too.

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At 8:38 AM, Anonymous Anonymous said...

Gosh your not a bit bias when it come McCain...oh no wait - you are!

At 9:26 AM, Anonymous Anonymous said...

As trolls go, at least it was relatively quiet, if unoriginal. In other matters...

This quote is exactly what frightens me: "[Obama] demonstrates leadership by surrounding himself with smart people who will strengthen his administration."

In other words, "Obama has brought in Very Serious People who understand continuity above all with every failed US government policy is important, so little that's structural will change. Constitution? What's that?"

I'm afraid we're already beginning to see the conservatives line up who want to convince our very cautious president-to-be that they helped get him elected, and they know that change must be incremental. Maybe an inch, per year.

Please tell me I'm wrong.

At 9:56 AM, Anonymous Anonymous said...

Future history, as I'd like to see it:

Nov 4: Obama wins by landslide.
Nov 5: Bush and Cheney impeached and removed from office.
Nov 6: Nancy Pelosi sworn in, names Obama vice president. Pelosi resigns, Obama sworn in, names Biden vice president. It's a busy day.
Nov 7: Nancy Pelosi impeached and removed from office, with the help of vengeful goppers.
Nov 10: Wholesale resignation of goppers and goplike Dems, who can see the writing on the wall.
Nov 11: Announcement of investigations of war crimes and other offenses.
Nov 12: Announcement of investigation of election theft. (Impeachment of the surviving four members of the Supreme Court Five to result eventually.)

All this to be followed by the United States returning to the flagship of truth, freedom, and prosperity that it was always meant to be.

At 8:38 PM, Anonymous Anonymous said...


At 5:07 AM, Anonymous Anonymous said...

and once they are in there will be nothing anyone can do to change it.

At 5:14 AM, Anonymous Anonymous said...

1. CHECK ON LIBERAL CONGRESS. The only way the liberal Congress will be checked at all is if McCain gets elected. Otherwise Pelosi, Dodd, and Frank(the very same people who contributed greatly to the current crisis through resisting reforms to Fannie Mae and Freddie Mac and pushing “affordable housing” to those who weren’t credit worthy) will have unchecked freedom to cause further economic havoc and impose irresponsible, unaffordable spending programs on this country(we’ve had a Democratic Congress for the last two years and frankly they’ve done a terrible job—-the last thing we need to do is to give them unchecked power)
2. OBAMA TAX POLICIES WILL TURN CRISIS INTO CATASTROPHE Obama, despite his promises, will turn a crisis into a catastrophe if his economic policies are implemented. This will not help the average “Joe”. Raising taxes in a weak economy is the worst possible economic policy one can do. In 1932, for example,(in an effort eerily similar to the rationale Obama is using) Congress raised taxes on the wealthy and the result was an 8 point jump in unemployment. Moreover, taking money from the pool of funds job creators have means less money to pay wages, less money to pay health care and other benefits, and less jobs. What good is a $500.00 government check if the tax punishment meted out by Obama on your boss forces your boss to cut salaries, health care benefits, raise prices on consumers or, in the worst case scenario, close the business?
3. REAL OBAMA VIEWS MIDDLE CLASS AS “BITTER CLINGERS” AND OBAMA’S JOE THE PLUMBER ENCOUNTER SHOWS HIS TRUE DISDAIN FOR THE MIDDLE CLASS We’ve seen evidence of what Obama really thinks about the average “Joe” and it isn’t encouraging or pretty. Remember Obama’s remarks that Pennsylvanians were “bitter clingers to guns and religion”. These remarks were made when Obama wasn’t expecting them to be recopied(they thus represent the real Obama). And why should we be surprised at this elitist worldview given the fact Obama is a Ivy League lawyer who spent 20 years in the hate filled church of Jeremiah Wright? Further, look at Obama’s appalling treatment of “Joe” the Plumber. “Joe” is an average guy who wants to buy a business but his dreams can not happen under the Obama tax plan because Obama takes away any incentive to gross more than $250,000.00 in income. And both Obama and Biden essentially mocked “Joe the Plumber” once they learned he was probably a McCain supporter. They and the media made sure(within a days time) that this average “Joe” would have numerous embarrassing details about his life exposed worldwide in an effort to discredit him. And why, all because(when Obama came to his house—he didn’t seek out Obama—Obama sought him out) he dared to ask a reasonable straightforward question that any private citizen should be able to ask their President? Vote for other Democrats if you like(except Murtha who in my view shares the same elitist worldview as demonstrated by his comments Pennsylvanians are “racists” and “rednecks”) but we don’t need more elitists like Obama in leadership positions.
4. DEMOCRATIC PARTY LARGELY RESPONSIBLE FOR CURRENT CRISIS. Obama, Pelosi, Reid, Dodd, and Barney Frank, and ACORN have pushed for the “affordable housing” policies that have encouraged or pressured banks into making loans to poor minorities and whites who weren’t credit worthy. These bad loans are at the root of the current crisis(not “deregulation” as Obama demogogically claims---there was little to no financial “deregulation” under Bush---in fact even more financial regulation in the form of Sarbanes Oxley---and Gramm Leach Bliley was under Clinton and may have helped the current crisis by making mergers between commercial and investment banks easier). Obama and Dodd were the top two recipients of Fannie Mae campaign contributions. Obama also picked Jim Johnson(former Fannie Mae executive) to lead his vice presidential team. According to the Washington Post, one of Obama’s economic advisers is Franklin Raines(another Fannie Mae executive who in Raines’ case raked in 90 million dollars from Fannie Mae). Obama represented ACORN, trained ACORN workers, he and Ayers gave $200,000 to ACORN, Obama’s campaign gave $800,000.00 to ACORN, the Democrats included a grant for ACORN in the original bailout bill and ACORN intimidated many banks into giving bad loans to minorities with discrimination lawsuits. John McCain, in contrast, called for reforms of Fannie Mae and Freddie Mac, while Obama, Reid, Pelosi, Frank, and Dodd, resisted those reforms. Bush called for numerous reforms of Fannie Mae and Freddie Mac and the Democrats also opposed these reforms. So why in the world, given the fact the Democrats largely caused this crisis, would we want to put Obama, Dodd, Reid, Pelosi, and Frank in total unchecked command of the country?
5. HEALTH CARE PLAN DISASTROUS On health care, Obama’s plan is unaffordable and will lead to a total collapse of the system ultimately. Obama wants a single payer system(he doesn’t say that now outwardly but that’s what he wants—-in 2003 in a speech before the AFL-CIO he said he favored a single payer system—-further his plan will ultimately lead to single payer because private insurers will be crowded out of the market—-they will be subject to costly new mandates and won’t be able to compete with Obama’s government subsidized plan) And single payer is an abject disaster and the the worst possible choice for health care. Why? For one thing, if you have single payer, you never get rid of it and you have no other option if you don’t like the way the single payer treats you. Further, in single payer countries like Canada, you have enormous wait lines(many Canadians flock to the US for care because of these wait lines), health care gets rationed(the government covers less because they have to in order to cut costs), and quality doctors leave the system(because they are paid low wages under single payer systems or less than they could make elsewhere). So Obama’s health care plan will not only not help the average “Joe”, his single payer dream will only lead to further hardship for the average “Joe” and a collapse of the system.
6. OBAMA ENERGY PLAN LEADS TO GREATER, NOT LESS DEPENDENCE ON FOREIGN OIL On energy, Obama’s energy policies will do next to nothing to help this country achieve “energy indepedence”. The last time a “windfall profits tax” was imposed(under Carter) our dependence on foreign oil grew and this happened because the windfall profits tax kills innovation on the part of oil companies(why should they drill more if they can’t make any profits from more drilling because Obama will take the money away) Moreover, Obama and the Democrats have historically railed against more drilling(Obama even scoffed we could save more energy by inflating our tires than we could gain from drilling for more oil) and nuclear power(two energy sources which are critical to helping us lessen dependence on foreign oil) so McCain and Palin are much more reliable in terms of drilling for more oil and building more nuclear power plants. Biden also said he and Obama wouldn’t build any “clean coal” plants. You should also note Obama wants to keep gas prices high(in fact he said he wasn’t upset about the fact gas prices rose, only that they rose too fast). Keeping gas prices high certainly doesn’t help the average “Joe”. And Obama also favors keeping gas taxes high while McCain has favored suspending the gas tax in the summer. The gas tax clearly hurts the average “Joe” because everyone has to buy gas(regardless of income level) yet it is McCain, not Obama, who is willing to give the average “Joe” the tax relief.
7. OBAMA FISCALLY IRRESPONSIBLE There is also no reason to believe Obama will be more fiscally responsible than McCain. McCain has proposed a spending freeze while Obama propses a trillion dollars in new spending. The resulting debt burden created by these spending programs will place an incredible burden and yoke on future generations. McCain is much more likely to keep spending in check.
8. MCCAIN MORE EXPERIENCED. OBAMA’S FOREIGN POLICY DISASTROUS In terms of foreign affairs, McCain has 26 years experience, Obama has 2. And Biden’s experience shows he has made the wrong judgment numerous times so he can’t be counted on to offer much help to Obama(after 9/11 Biden proposed giving $200 million to Iran—-a ridiculous idea, Biden also proposed partitioning Iraq—an idea Iraqis almost unanimously rejected, Biden and Obama opposed the surge while McCain’s judgment was vindicated on the surge). In terms of an unsteady hand, Obama has certainly shown an unsteady hand with his foreign policy gaffes already(e.g. wrong on the surge, 3 different answers on the Georgia situation, talking with dictators “without preconditions”, invading Pakistan). And, more recently, Biden said Obama would experience an international crisis if elected because he’s so inexperienced and that “America hang with us because our response won’t seem to be the right one”. There’s no evidence therefore Obama is capable of handling foreign policy crises better than McCain.
9. PALIN MOST EXPERIENCED ON ENERGY ISSUES, PALIN AT LEAST AS EXPERIENCED AS OBAMA In terms of Palin, Palin has at least as much experience than Obama. And on the critical energy issues, it is Palin who arguably has the most experience and knowledge of ALL the candidates on energy issues(because Palin was an oil and gas regulator, her husband has worked in the oil business, Palin negotiated the natural gas pipeline deal in Alaska, and Palin has lectured and given speeches on energy issues). Palin also hasn’t been given a fair shake by the media so if you’re relying on CNN, ABC, CBS, MSNBC, or the New York Times for your information on Palin, you are not, in my view, getting a fair picture of her. You should know that in the ABC interview Palin had, portions of it were edited out and were not shown to the public(these edited out portions would have made her answers appear more complete).
10. OBAMA’S ALLIANCES RAISE CRITICAL DOUBTS ABOUT HIS JUDGMENT AND SHOW HE LIKELY HAS RADICAL POLITICAL LEANINGS. And I haven’t even discussed Obama’s numerous alliances with radicals, party hacks or corrupt individuals such as
a) Reverend Wright/God D--- America! b) Bill Ayers/ACORN c) Tony Rezko/sweetheartdeal Obama real estate/slumlord/just convicted of felony
d) Rashid Khalidi
e) Khalid al Monsour
f) Stroger
g) Richard Daley h)Father Phleger
Ten compelling reasons to vote McCain over Obama by Liberty11

At 5:27 AM, Anonymous Anonymous said...

It seems to be a foregone conclusion that Mr. Obama is going to win the Presidency. Too bad the major media hasn't asked him how much of his $4.3 trillion of new programs are going to cost the taxpayer.

Consider if you will that 2% of Americans filing income taxes are taxed at a 35% rate. In 2006 they earned $ 1.3 million per filing and then they paid 39% of their adjusted gross income (AGI). When you sum all the taxes paid by this group it totals to $1.14 trillion. The next 3% of income tax payers’ pays at a rate of 33% of their AGI. This group earns $333 thousand per filing. When you sum all the taxes paid by this group it totals to $410 billion. These two groups are the top 5% taxpayers.

The sum of taxes paid by the top 5% adds up to $1.45 billion per year. Under Obama’s plan your taxes will revert to the pre-2001 levels of 36 percent and 39.6 percent for the top 5% of wage earners. Simply put the top 2% will pay an extra $150 billion of new taxes. The next 3% will pay $37.2 billion of new income taxes. So an additional $187.2 billion in new income taxes are paid. Mr. Obama’s tax plan requires $430 billion per year. Under Mr. Obama’s plan another $242.8 billion is needed to pay for his new programs.

The shortage is to be paid by increasing corporate taxes by more than 25%. Today most corporations pay taxes at a rate of 35%. The new rate would be 43.75%. A meal out with the family might cost $100 and of that $100 taxes are paid on profits of $33. Under the current plan the meal has $8.25 built in. Under the new plan the tax of $14.44 will still be built in. The new price of the meal would be $106.19. Let’s say that you go out to eat once a week you will pay $322 per year. The corporations that make your food are taxed. Consider that you buy $244 groceries the national average price for this example $80 is profit. Under the new tax plan groceries will cost you an extra $364 per year. The example can go on and on. So just because you might get an income tax reduction your actual taxes will go up, just not your income taxes.

I read the above post by Avatar @

God help this country if people do not open their eyes before they go to the the case of Obama be very careful what you wish for...

At 5:53 AM, Anonymous Anonymous said...

Although I understand your frustration Avatar, I have to tell you though a vote for a third party will not just be a protest vote, it will be worse than a wasted vote this year. Obama + a super Democratic majority in Congress will be tyranny and could CHANGE the USA into a country that will be too SOCIALISTIC, REPRESSED & AWFUL to contemplate. Obama has already said that when he is President will shut down any radio show or tv show that disagrees with him -FREE SPEECH? Jail any pastor or priest or teacher or anyone who states their religion teaches pro life or heterosexual marriage using the new "crime of hate speech". FREEDOM OF SPEECH & RELIGION? I could go on & on but I am too depressed by the possibility that America has become so vapid and shallow that they will vote for someone because of the way they look and they can make a good speech rather than to take the time to examine what a candidate will really mean to their country and their children There is no excuse for this especially when the candidate is such a CLEAR AND PRESENT DANGER like OBAMA.

At 6:43 AM, Anonymous Anonymous said...

and once they are in there will be nothing anyone can do to change it.

At 7:45 AM, Anonymous Anonymous said...



At 7:51 AM, Anonymous Anonymous said...

The Democratic Hydra with all of its evil heads Obama/Biden/Pelosi/Reid/Soros
can only be halted
if it is voted down
before it is spawned
and does its destruction upon first the country
then goes on to commit carnage
upon the earth!

At 7:57 AM, Anonymous Anonymous said...

Why have so many been deceived by Obama?
Wake up America before its too late!
Coupled with a Democrat majority, OBAMA CHANGE-AMERICA FOR THE WORSE.

At 7:58 AM, Anonymous Anonymous said...

not all CHANGE is good


At 8:04 AM, Anonymous Anonymous said...

Why are so many people blind to what would happen with Obama Pelosi Reid Frank and Dodd running the USA the same people who began the Wall Street meltdown just so they could put a Dem in the office.
These people are criminally insane.


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