Tuesday, November 11, 2008

Here's one way to celebrate Veterans Day: Help toss that sack of garbage Saxby Chambliss out of the Senate -- "Do It for Max!"


"Do It for Max"

by Ken

Or is that an insult to garbage?

You recall surely that Saxby Chambliss's campaign for reelection to the Senate from Georgia fell short of the state-mandated 50 percent, and he faces a December 2 runoff against his unexpectedly strong challenger, Jim Martin. With turnout typically falling off precipitously in a runoff, this should normally be a cakewalk for an incumbent, especially with the president-elect no longer on the ballot.

I'm hoping otherwise -- and understand that I'm speaking here strictly for myself. I'm hoping that off his 47 percent showing in the general election, Martin's campaign may attract a heap more attention. What's more, there are no other races with a claim on finite attention and resources. This seems to me a crusade worthy of everyone's attention.

I don't claim to know everything there is to know about Jim Martin, but from what I do know, he seems a pretty darned good candidate, maybe as good as we can hope for from Georgia. And most important, I'm told his race has the enthusiastic blessing of former Sen. Max Cleland.

And I guess for me this race isn't just political, it's personal, even moral. Because, you'll recall, the unspeakable Chambliss seized that Senate seat in 2002 with a campaign of lies that prefigured the just-past national Republican campaign. And specifically, he somehow conned Georgia voters by impugning the patriotism of Cleland, a war hero if there ever was one.

Okay, he probably didn't con that legally required majority of Georgia voters. There seems general agreement that the election was "won" via machine-rigging vote fraud. You know, a classic Republican victory. Still, Chambliss got enough votes to be in a position to steal the election.

And we get one more chance at the monster -- the last one for another six years. Yes, it would be nice to have one more Democrat in the Senate, and one less Republican, especially this extreme a Republican. But even that isn't quite what this is about.

We have to win this one for Max.

Note: If you want to help, visit the "Do It for Max" ActBlue webpage. There's also a "Bloggers for Martin" ActBlue webpage.


Senate Guru celebrates Veterans Day with a post contrasting Jim Martin's strong history of military service and support for veterans with Saxby Chambliss's unsurprisingly dreadful record. Basically, the senator seems to support veterans by playing a lot of golf -- something of a miracle in that his terrible knees prevented him from serving in the military in Vietnam.

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At 8:41 AM, Anonymous Anonymous said...

The problem will be getting out the vote, after the election. Word has it that McSame will be campaigning for Chambliss, though I've no idea how that will go. It certainly wouldn't hurt if some big Dem names stumped for Martin.

At 9:39 AM, Blogger KenInNY said...

There's no doubt that turnout is going to be the key to the runoff. One big question, as you suggest, Balakirev, is how involved national Dems are prepared to be.

Naturally I'm wondering about the president-elect. Would it be "too partisan" -- and is he willing to stake his hard-won prestige -- to urge Georgia voters to make this major Senate upgrade?



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