Wednesday, November 26, 2008

After Spectacular Unbroken Series Of Failures, Freedom's Watch Goes The Way Of The Dodo


A few weeks ago the news broke that extreme right lunatic/billionaire/gambling impresario "Cockroach" Sheldon Adelson was on his way to bankruptcy. One of the most destructive and negative forces in American politics, Adelson is probably the single biggest paymaster to extreme right and neo-fascist organizations in America. One of the most vicious projects he funded, the extremist Freedom's Watch GOP front group, folded it's tents yesterday and slinked off into the sewers.

Freedom's Watch, bankrolled by Adelson and run (ineptly) by Ari Fleischer lost on virtually every big bet it made in the last cycle, despite spending as much as a quarter billion dollars. Their most vicious attacks were launched against Jeanne Shaheen and Carol Shea-Porter in New Hampshire, Mark Udall in Colorado, Jeff Merkley in Oregon, Dina Titus in Nevada, Martin Heinrich and Tom Udall in New Mexico, all of whom won their races, but Freedom's Watch was involved with dozens of congressional races, pretty much losing all of them. They won't be missed-- by anyone, except, I guess, the right wing operatives, who were on Adelson's gravy train.

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At 8:50 AM, Anonymous Anonymous said...

Ari Fleischer can really pick em.

At 12:15 PM, Blogger tech98 said...

I haven't enjoyed anyone's financial downfall this much since Friedman Unit's family trust plummeted 95+%.

Adelson is/was also the biggest funder of right-wing Zionist and Likudnik neocon nutcases in Israel gunning for the bombing of Iran.

At 2:54 PM, Anonymous Anonymous said...

The Club for Growth is another symbol of failure. They have no credibility after their darling candidates Sean Parnell, Andy Harris, and Tim Walberg all went down in defeat.


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