Friday, October 03, 2008

There Should Have Been A Swimsuit Section And Maybe Target Shooting-- Or Alligator Wrestling


Expectations were so low for Sarah Palin's performance last night that the fact that she showed up at all and didn't refer to Dick Cheney as the Speaker of the House or claim that McCain was responsible for The South winning the Civil War has caused delirium in the delusional and deranged fringes of the far right.

Nevermind that all the polls found that Biden had beaten her-- let alone that earlier in the day McCain had abandoned Michigan as unwinnable-- the NY Times claimed the Republican ticket survives one test and that Palin recaptured her image.

Mooselini didn't vomit onstage and slip in it. And if all of what she said was canned drivel and half was outright lies... she was every bit as good as Tina Fey. And being as good as Tina Fey might be even better than winning a debate against a windbag from Delaware or Scranton or wherever he says he's from. Right? This is America, cradle of civilization or democracy or something. One of Biden's best moments:

And then there was this from Rasmussen this morning, a clear indication that another battleground state, New Hampshire, is lost to McCain. "Rasmussen Markets data shows that Obama is currently given a 69.0 % chance of winning New Hampshire's four Electoral College votes this year." Maybe those campaign workers he was sending over to New Hampshire from Michigan can be more helpful in... Mississippi, where McCain is still ahead but where Obama is starting to catch up.

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At 8:24 AM, Anonymous Anonymous said...

Palin came off as a girl who didn't quite graduate from high school after trying to fake her way through finals without mentioning specifics in her essays. All she was missing was a cheerleader outfit. Picture it in your mind. It will set you free!

At 8:36 AM, Anonymous Anonymous said...

well I can't really add anything to your snarky and witty comments..BUT

I had a bunch of my DFA friends over and we had a lot of wine. One of us
fell asleep and when he woke up she was yammering about healthcare. My friend that fell asleep asked if this was Mooselini or Tina Fey!!!

At 8:23 PM, Anonymous Anonymous said...

When oh when America will we once again begin to value intelligence in our political leader. Okay, I admit that it might be fun to get shit-faced with George Bush, but that's not how I pick the other professionals in my life. Hey, Dr. Surgeon, were you the five away from the bottom of your class? What about you, Mrs. Accountant? Did it take you five different schools to get a bachelors? Would it be alright with you two if I went with the Editor of the Harvard Law Review, which means he was the smartest guy in Harvard Law School that year? Would that be alright? You wouldn't get pissed off if I prefer intelligence and accomplishment over "gosh darn" and five crashed Navy jets? C'mon, friends, don't we want to have our leaders actually show leadership? Don't we want them to have the Socratic background to be able to be confronted with an issue, and then rationally come to a decision? Joe Biden is an exceptional American, and Sarah Palin is an average politician that wouldn't have advanced in the lower 48. I am retired from the military, and I trust my nation's future to Senators Barack Obama and Joe Biden!


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