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The Speech Sarah Palin Needs To Give To Save Her Political Career


-by Mags

Even Charles Krauthammer is throwing in the towel in this election. It looks like the Obama will surpass Saint Ronnie in popularity this election. Sarah Palin who briefly breathed life into McCain’s Presidential campaign that lasted for a week to ten days post the GOP convention is now a less than appealing Vice Presidential candidate to say the least. Palin’s Gibson and Couric interviews left the country aghast while watching her implode in interviews seemingly without knowing how badly she performed. George Will was blunt about her ineptitude and unpreparedness to be a “heartbeat” away from the presidency (a phrase which is taking on new meaning in the current election). Kathleen Parker whose columns over the years have proven to be little else but lapping at the feet of the Republican masters even declared Palin unfit for the office of Vice President. Many women in the country see her as an embarrassment to competent women everywhere. David Brooks and Mike Murphy, both prominent voices in the GOP share our national apprehension.

Last night’s debate provided me a different view of Sarah Palin. In question after question what I saw was a woman who claimed to be a warrior and maverick for the people come face to face with the real record of John McCain. What should dawn on Sarah, if she is capable of critical thinking at all, is that the picture she presents of John McCain and his newly found populism is not accurate at all. In fact, if she is paying attention, she might begin to realize that John McCain is an asshole responsible for much the current crisis we all face. Far from being the Maverick who will take on the oil companies, John McCain supports legislation written by corporate America that places the people of America at risk. It should have become clear to Sarah that a tax hike for big oil that would be distributed to Americans in the lower 48 is not likely to happen any time soon or ever. As a resident of the lower 48 I can tell you that such an idea is very appealing and in the future I think it would be wise for us to lobby for equal treatment for Americans. Why should only Alaskans receive benefits? Seriously, do you remember any Republican arguing to take back the tax break for big oil or to charge them a windfall tax? Certainly not Mr. McCain. [Note: This year McCain has taken more "donations" from Big Oil than any other politician in America, $1,663,590, more than triple what they have given anyone else.]

The fact is that McCain is not looking very well lately. And, no matter how adorable Sarah Palin is and no matter how well-meaning she comes across, let’s face it, she is not ready for DC on any front. She does not have the “street cred” to muster the character of leadership that is required to stand up to DC.

The bottom line here is that Sarah Palin has the opportunity to jump off a sinking ship and to save her political career at the same time. If she just jumps ship to avoid the McCain debacle, and I predict it will be one, she will slip into either obscurity quietly or become a laughing stock. It is possible in my opinion that McCain might not even make it to inauguration so ill does he appear. McCain cannot help her future as a politician.

Here is the speech that can save her career.
Good evening my fellow Americans. Tonight I step forward to express my deepest gratitude for the opportunity to run, no matter how briefly for the office of Vice President on the Republican ticket with John McCain. In the last few weeks I have been steeped in talking points and political positions. Unfortunately for me, I did not know John McCain very well before he asked me to be his running mate. In fact, as I look back now I was hasty in saying yes. Not because I am not eager to serve the United States of America and not because I do not believe in my heart that I would love to someday lead this country, but because I believed that John McCain was who he said he was. I believed that John McCain was a Maverick for the good of the people. Sadly, the more I learned about John, the more I realized that my interest in helping Joe Six pack and the middle class folks across the country could not be served by the policies espoused by John McCain and his advisors.

In my debate with Joe Biden the other night, I started to realize that all my talking points were errors. I started to put two and two together and realized that the talking points for this campaign were making a fool out of me. They do not make sense in light of the truth. On almost every issue except for the issue of Choice, I agree with the positions of Barack Obama. I want people to have access to good health care, all of them. I want people to make good money with union jobs and to keep jobs here in America. I want more regulations on Wall Street so we will be secure on Main Street.

For this reason I am withdrawing from the McCain campaign. I am returning to Alaska. When I return to Alaska I can guarantee you that it will not be business as usual. For one, I am going to fix my family problems by making it clear that Levi Johnston and Bristol will be in charge of their own lives. There will no pressure for them to fulfill the fantasies of John McCain supporters by having a wedding forced upon them. They might, but it will be for them to decide.

Secondly, I will open the records in the Troopergate investigation. I will cooperate fully. I will now open my office to all Alaskans and work on becoming an open governor who gains favor from her citizens by honest and thoughtful government. I will listen to everyone and cooperate with both sides of the aisle in my home state. I will continue in earnest to root out corruption in Alaskan politics. Even though I am still a Republican, a move to the Democratic Party is under consideration when I run for Governor next election.

Third, I am going home to sharpen my governing skills and to raise my family with more close supervision for a few more years. I would like to make sure they all have a good start before I return to the national scene, and I would like to return to national politics, perhaps as first a Senator…or maybe who knows, to run my own Presidential Campaign. America can be sure that if and when I do, next time I be ready. May God Bless you all.

Thank you and good night.

If she doesn’t give a speech like this, John McCain will drag her down with him. Just a little advice from one woman to another.


It's hopeless! She is a dumb as a rock. She's now claiming on Fox News she was upset because she could not level baseless charges against Barack Obama?

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