Thursday, October 02, 2008

The Governor And The Senator: Palin v Biden


As Howard Fineman said today, "what was on trial here is John McCain's judgment in picking her as his running-mate." He could have picked a parrot or a myna bird. Don't you wish there was someone to give her a little fruit and seeds every time she finishes one of her canned little speeches? I got the feeling she didn't understand a word of what was going on. When Mooselini doesn't have a canned answer to a question she just answers whatever question that pops into her head.

The Obama campaign created an extensive debate reality check which took her seriously and answered her bizarre claims and lies as though she were a serious candidate. So did the Washington Post.

It's clear that this person is even less qualified to be president than the cynical old fool who picked her. There's only one way they could win. But let's make sure this never happens again:

The CBS poll of undecided voters showed 46% thought Biden won and 21% thought Palin won. 33% thought it was a draw. The CNN poll has Biden 51% and Palin 36%.

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