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Did McCranky lie last night? But of course! Hey, it's what Young Johnny does -- and he knows it


by Ken

As I've made clear, I didn't watch the debate. As I also expected, I've also been unable to avoid the "highlights."

And I realized that one major reason I can't watch a McCranky "debate" is the fondness for what Keith Olbermann the other night referred to as his "phony umbrage," the manufactured hysteria he goes into when he has no substantive issue and instead pretends that his deep-rooted personal honor has been outraged -- as if the useless sack of poop still has any vestige of honor.

He does it whenever he lies about Senator Obama's foreign policy or tax plans, for example, or when he pretends that he has tried to be some kind of "reformer" on financial issues. And as I watched those clips, I thought of the point I made in my post last night about the film Boogie Man: The Lee Atwater Story:
Now it wasn't news to me that politicians lie. What was news is that everybody involved on the inside of the electoral game understands that people lie all the time. It's so normal that it's taken for granted. Only we poor schlubs on the receiving end of the TV feed aren't in on the game.

Last night, for example, there was that moment of bad dinner theater when the Crankyman went into a whopper frenzy special even for him, blithering about ACORN attempting to perpetrate the greatest threat to democracy in history.

The simple, undisputed fact is that not one single "fraudulent" vote can or will be cast as a result of ACORN's voter-registration efforts. Even a second's actual thought -- which is to say a second more than Senator McCranky has devoted to any issue in this campaign -- will tell you that if "Mickey Mouse" or "Tony Romo" fills out a fake registration card, in order to pad the registration gatherer's daily output and thereby increase his/her meager pay, there is absolutely zero chance that "Mickey Mouse" or "Tony Romo" is going to show up at the polling place attempting to vote.


ACORN in fact has taken the lead in identifying of problematic registration cards it gathers. By law it has to submit all registration cards gathered; it isn't allowed to make judgments of validity, which the law apparently prefers to leave to duly authorized election officials. And there are documented cases, as in Nevada, of officials simply discarding the cover sheets in which ACORN officials called attention to problems.

Ironically, in fact, ACORN is being punished for its own vigilance. The organization itself has a practice of calling attention to problem registrations in its cover submissions. The reality is that the level of problem registrations is on the low side for paid signature-gathering -- lower, say, than is customary with Republican petitions to get their patented democracy-diminishing propositions on the ballot in California.

The truth is that ACORN is doing extraordinarily important work, attempting to register eligible voters whom guardians of the rich like the Crankyman would rather not see vote -- notably poor ones, and especially racially "different" ones. Let the states or the federal government undertake the job of registering all eligible voters, and ACORN can devote its energies to other matters.

Now this is important, so let me say it again: Not one single "fraudulent" vote can or will be cast as a result of the defective ACORN registrations. Registration fraud is a totally separate issue from vote fraud, and the kind of registration fraud we're talking about here, which has to do only with padding the rolls, simply cannot translate to vote fraud, because there is never any intent to have the bogus registrants vote.

The entire issue is designed (a) to manufacture a conversation diversion and, perhaps more important, (b) to cover the all-too-real and all-too-massive programs of vote suppression and stealing in which the Republicans have engaged in the 2000 and 2004 presidential elections. Apparently we can look forward to even worse actual election-rigging to even more of the same this time around, and will have to hope that the higher level of awareness will provide some protection.

The only reason I've gone into this matter is to bring my Lee Atwater lesson into the discussion,

Of course McCranky knew he was lying. Of course McCranky knew he was lying. Of course McCranky knew he was lying.

He wasn't misspeaking or misguided. He was, as I put it in my head to last night's post. lying his fool head off. And he did it, does it, because, as I suggested last night, he thinks voters are morons.

You see how long it takes to set out even this very simple version of the reality of ACORN's voter-registration work. The lie is much simpler than the truth and, alas, is thought by the liar to be readily received by his/her target voter.

Just make no mistake. Consider the new whopper in Young Johnny's repertory, his claim that he has repeatedly rebuked McCranky-crowd members who say inappropriate things. In fact, as far as anyone knows, he has done this exactly once, clearly in response to weeks of rising demands that he ferchrissakes do something about the rising tide of violent rhetoric among his audiences -- a direct result, of course, of the mood of hatred he and his running mate the Danger Moose have been fomenting.

Once. And that was only in response to rising levels of national outrage. I don't believe for a second that Young Johnny really believes otherwise. He just thinks there's no price to be paid for lying. Is he right?


You do realize that Young Johnny thinks you're dumber than doody, don't you? Of course, it probably doesn't bother you, since you're used to being led by the nose by frauds and phonies and outright crackpots who, for their own personal reasons, lie to you and then feed the delusions they've planted, on the assumption that you're so stupid, you'll never catch on.

You're led by people who either are nuts themselves (and really aren't in touch with reality) or else hold you in utter contempt, ridicule, and loathing, and consider you perfect tools for achieving their nefarious goals.

You do know that, don't you?


As you may have gathered, Howie is traveling today, and so isn't positioned to offer his perspective on the debate. [Oops, not so! Check it out in the comments section. -- K] Feel free to share yours in the comments.


"McCain's Losing Strategy: Double Down on the Anger"

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At 6:20 AM, Blogger DownWithTyranny said...

I am traveling but they have mass communications where I am and-- lo and behold!-- I got to listen to the debate on the radio. I think Ken caught the most important take-away. McCain's presentation is a series of lies and distortions. The media analyzes everything but the truthfulness of what comes out of the candidates' mouths. It must be terribly hard for Obama to dumb himself down enough to play this game-- and win it.

The Obama campaign did the media's job for them, listing and documenting the 26 biggest lies that McCain told last night-- from his distortions of Obama's tax plans to his attempts to paint Sarah Palin as a competent national leader and "reformer." Most of McCain's lies were carefully planned but some were just a result of McCain's incipient senility. He claimed Obama, who was elected to the Senate in 2004 and took his seat in January 2005, voted against Justice Breyer-- in 1994. I don't think McCain lied on purpose. I think he lied because he's lost his mind and because Joe Lieberman wasn't standing there to correct him. Still, my own favorite McCain lies are the broad, sweeping lies that ask us to suspend reality while he establishes, Fox-style, a new conventional wisdom. Perfect example from last night: "It is very clear I have disagreed with the Bush administration." Actually, what is very clear is that McCain has been a pathetic rubber stamp for Bush and has voted for his toxic and catastrophic agenda more than 90% of the time-- including on torture and on shredding the Constitution.

At 6:36 AM, Anonymous Anonymous said...

My daughters home from college and she was studying, so I turned the sound off.I don't know whose coaching McCranky but his body language was astounding. The blinking, the grimacing and those hand gestures.

At 8:14 AM, Anonymous Anonymous said...

Something for young women to remember. McFudd doesn't care about your health or wages....You are lesser beings, not as important as the unborn, who should work for low pay, or better yet, for free, and produce babies.

At 8:15 AM, Anonymous Anonymous said...

"He just thinks there's no price to be paid for lying. Is he right?"

Sad to say, but that's exactly correct, or at least it has been for many years. Since Reagan at least. That criminal lied like a son of a bitch, constantly.

Reagan made many other wacky pronouncements that were very far from the truth, but which he actually believed, so they couldn't properly be called lies.

Yet the news media steadfastly refused to call him on it! It was amazing! (In a bad way.) And disgusting.

Of course, Reagan's "deregulation" of the media, and the resultant rise of Fox News and hate-wing radio didn't improve the situation any.

The truth has always been available, but most voters are too busy (a term more charitable than "stupid" or "lazy") to dig behind the MSM's BS and find it.

This year, there are actually some signs that the public might be wising up to some of that crap. But I've been disappointed so many times before that I require more convincing that I've gotten so far.

At 9:56 AM, Blogger KenInNY said...

Dead on, me. One of these days I want to write about Reagan and "truth."

Terrific rant -- thanks!


At 10:44 AM, Anonymous Anonymous said...

Thank you, for keeping up this blog, and for the candidate fundraising too.

Writing a book about Reagan's misbehavior will be a lot of work, because there's so much material to cover. But getting anyone to actually read it and care about it will be infinitely more difficult.

I have a dream that the right-wing crimes of portions of our government since WWII will actually be explored in public some day, and truth rather than myth will become commonly accepted.

Gerald Ford did the country an enormous disservice by stopping the investigation of Nixon's crimes. I'm convinced that had he not done that, we'd never have been saddled with Reagan and the Bushes.

Maybe it will take a Truth and Reconciliation Commission or something of that nature. Whatever. I'd much prefer that the entire Bush Administration be prosecuted, but if we could achieve the goal of bringing the US back to the country it should be, I'd go for it even if the current crop of criminals get off scot free. (But let's not go overboard with the pardons this time.)


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