Monday, September 22, 2008

Rock'n'Roll vs John W. McCain's Racist Campaign


Red Rocker, 61, hearts McCranky

When the McCain campaign first decided to use the Heart classic, "Barracuda," to mythologize the toughness of their moose-shooting but otherwise inadequate vice presidential stunt, the Wilson sisters may have been horrified but they reacted in a measured way. Since politely asking McCain's lobbyist-driven campaign to stop using their song didn't have any effect, they have upped the ante a bit. Courtesy of TRex, who says he got it from Gawker (though I can't find it on either site):
Unfortunately, you continue to blast "Barracuda" in defiance of our wishes. God knows why we thought you’d listen to us, two strong, creative women-- I guess we’re all just “trollop-faced” cunts to you. Speaking of Cinday, who can blame her for hitting the pills? We’d need a Demoral epidural to live through five minutes of her conjugal duties-– you sloshing your saggy ass between her legs and chomping at her breasts with your little yellow teeth. We’d rather rim Meat Loaf. Seriously.)

Now that's an escalation from this kind of stuff. And it isn't only Heart who McCain is pissing off. He's stealing music right and left and, other than KKK-oriented country artists, like half of Big and Rich, and buck toothed rednecks, no one wants their songs sullied by being identified with McCain's racist campaign. Van Halen was understandably angry when longtime Republican and one-time Van Halen singer Sammy Hagar encouraged McCain's camp to use embarrassingly mediocre "Right Now," from an era when the band was having a severe creative lull. This story I was able to find at Gawker:
John McCain's first mistake was trying to seem "hip" and "with it" by blasting Van Halen's atrocious song "Right Now" at a stump stop in Ohio. His second mistake was not getting permission to play the treacly Sammy Hagar track from the band, the members of which are not so old that they actually support the grim candidate. The band's publicist says, "Permission was not sought or granted nor would it have been given." It's like the time when Reagan's campaigners totally misunderstood "Born in the USA" and tried to use it as their theme song until Bruce Springsteen told them to cut the crap.

I'm guessing McCain would rather see stories about disgruntled rockers in the press than stories about how his campaign manager was paid a couple million dollars by Freddie Mac and Fannie Mae for access to McCain's saggy ass so they could "persuade" him to keep the Senate from regulating the banking industry.

Don't forget our Blue America Pick A Senate Candidate Contest where all of them understand the dynamics between unbalanced power and the need for government to protect individual consumers and workers from the predatory excesses of unbridled capitalism and Bush-style fascism.

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Heart Letter


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ps. It was a joke, Heart did not do it themselves, according to Gawker.


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