Friday, September 05, 2008

The McCranky-Who??? "Change" ticket: everything you need to know, courtesy of Tom Toles


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Palin's campaign is doing whatever it can to distract voters away from the Republican' stand on the issues. She is standing firm on principle and refusing to be interviewed by the media about anything that remotely has to do with national issues. People are aware of her campaign's stands because we've just lived through nearly eight horrible years of them. Last night the Palin forces had some boring old man in St. Paul address the nation and try to make everyone feel sleepy... and like they wanted some warm milk. It didn't work. So this morning they're trying a new tact.

McCain is a very frightened little man. He wants us to believe he will stand up to the Russians and the Chinese but he wouldn't even stand up the extreme right of his party when they demanded he not take his best friend, Joe Lieberman, on as a running mate and instead agree to an unqualified and untested small town beauty queen. Over at Digby's (link above) Tristero has a long, long list of everything McCain has shown us he's afraid of lately-- from appearing on the same stage as George Bush to discussing his "secret" plan to catch Osama bin-Laden. Instead all we get from that campaign is more and more and more about Sarah Palin. Is he hiding behind her? Or has she tucked him in and now running the show herself?

No doubt you've probably read about her sordid sexual affair with hubby's ex-business partner and how the campaign has gone to great lengths to dramatize and get the media to focus on that and away from the issues. Today they threw more gasoline on the fire by having Palin's ex-lover claim to a judge that it is "an emergency" that his divorce records be sealed. The judge just denied that motion.

The Palin campaign has dragged the nation into a tawdry soap opera with a despicable cast of shady characters. But... whomever thought the GOP would just shuffle off quietly into the night by nominating that boring old man, obviously hasn't been watching the way right-wing parties attempt, historically, to hold on to power, often regardless of the consequences.

I live in the same country as Joe Biden. You?

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At 11:54 AM, Anonymous Anonymous said...

Hey voting Republican this election,

Would you do me a favor and quit with this change message and just be honest for what you stand for. Now that McCain has totally gone over to the dark side and is a lacky for the extreme right... oh what don’t believe me. He is now for Torture, anti abortion, keeping tax cuts for the most wealthy, Drill, drill, drill AND that religo nut PALIN,...etc. Basically sold out to the Extreme Bush/Cheney Policies. SO that also means you are for:
l) Illegal wire tapping ( no civil rights- could get in the way you know)

2) Tax cuts for Corporations (BOARD of Directors- the guys who make millions a year)taking American jobs overseas

3) No bid contracts to Defense contractors wasting Billions of dollars- Go WAR, yeah( that is sooo Pro Life Man)

4) Ousting CIA agents(TREASON) for political points

5) Blatantly disregarding congressional subpoenas (KARL ROVE), basically putting yourself above the law(FACISM)

6) Partisan politics locking out the other side

7) Using the State to advance the doctrines of radical religion

8) trashing the Constitution for complete carte blanche and then controlling the media and politicizing the judicial system so nothing is done about it

9) using radioactive ammunition in warfare, deregulation industry pollution, gutting the endangered species act, stopping environmental impact studies for the energy industry, and reversing environmental laws to cut l/2 of our remaining l0% of old growth forest- Basically environmental destruction

l0) failed education policy that got tons of Texan and Californian companies rich w/ all their standardized test, and have teachers taking way too much time and pressure to teach to a government test.

ll)a 2 l/2 days work week for Congress that has Lobbyist write all their laws

l2) No reasonable Medical care for most Americans and inadequate coverage for the rest of us who are not filthy rich

l3) And rounding off the Bakers Dozen- basically anything goes Abrahmhoff/Stevens/DeLay corruption that steals tax dollars from the majority of people and lines the pockets of millionaires (which isn’t enough till they become Billionaires)

So you can shout change and country first all you want, but the Republican Party/Platform and You voting Republican are really basically traitors to your country and loyal to the Radical Religo Facist Rich.
Thought I would clue you in on what you stand for.


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