Friday, September 19, 2008

Even If McCain Is Never President... He'll Still Be King-- King Of The Flip Flop


McCain seems more and more frail and confused by the day. Reporters who have gotten close to him say he's like the walking dead. Voting for McCain is like voting for Sarah Palin to be president (of the United States... of America). That may be enough for millions of thoughtful voters-- regardless of party-- to decide to vote for Obama. But McCain's floundering and flailing on the transcendent issues of the day, even without his naked, arrogant display of bad judgment and contempt for America with the Palin pick, should be as big a disqualifier. Does anyone really know what we're getting if we pick McCain-- other than a pig, lipstick or not, in a poke? Where does he stand on deregulation? Where does he stand on immigration reform? Where does he stand on campaign finance reform? Where does he stand on the undue, unethical influence of lobbyists on government? Where does he stand on anything? McCain stands for one thing and one thing only-- and on this he has always been consistent: the accrual of personal political power. John McCain is not someone Americans can trust-- on anything.



At 1:05 AM, Anonymous Anonymous said...

Great but scary video. Should be required viewing for every registered voter.


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