Thursday, August 07, 2008

Mike McCaul (R-TX): My New Twitter Friend


The rich wife Linda Mays (right) & the crooked mentor, Tom DeLay (left)

To me Mike McCaul was just another faceless Republican rubber stamp who bought his way into politics-- or, to be more precise, like McCain, had his father-in-law buy him his way into politics. McCaul is the 46 year old son-in-law of Lowry Mays, Chairman of Clear Channel. He represents Texas's 10th CD, one of the new Tom DeLay gerrymandered districts, stretching from a northern piece of carefully divided up Austin all the way to the western outskirts of Houston. It's a heavily Republican district (PVI- R+13) but McCaul has done such an abysmal job that he is considered the most vulnerable Republican congressman in the state.

His voting record is tragic... never deviating once from the Bush-Cheney line on Iraq, voting against military vets on every single roll call taken since he was elected (ditto for active duty service members... armor? buy your own!), and, of course, against health care for needy children... and for anyone else who isn't wealthy.

But the other day I noticed that McCaul, who in just a couple of terms has already scarfed up $107,934 in bribes from Big Oil, was one of the clowns at the silly Texas Tea Party. He wasn't just waving a toy tire gauge over his head though. Like his ideological twin John Culberson (R-TX- $301,961), he has started twittering. Oh what fun. I decided to "follow" McCaul to get a better idea how he sees himself. It's only been like 3 days and... it is scary.

His first twitter was at 11:14 PM on August 4: "Heading to bed. Who knew hanging out at a gass station with voters in the hot sun for a couple of hourse could so totally wear a guy out?" Poor thing. I can imagine what angry gasoline buyers would have said to him if they realized that he has rubber stamped every single initiative Big Oil has taken that would drive up the price of gas and bring them a gusher of oil profits-- which they shared with crooks like McCaul, Culberson and... McCain, of course.

The next day he was back at the gas station twittering about the weather:
MikeMcCaul MAN is it HOT and HUMID here in Houston. Good golly. I'm here at a gas station talking to folks. Only cost 30 bucks to drive up from Austin. 01:24 PM August 05, 2008

MikeMcCaul This hurricane reminds me of the good old days of Katrina. 01:39 PM August 05, 2008

MikeMcCaul Thank goodness that pesky storm passed. I can get back to admiring my millionz.

He means his wife's millionz. McCaul is a complete loser and never earned an honest million in his life. Embarrassed that he attended Trinity College in San Antonio and St. Mary's Bible Law "School," he's doctored his bio to make it look like he went to Harvard. I once spent a semester scoring pot at Harvard; that didn't mean I "went to" Harvard. Harvard's Kennedy School of Government offers a quickie orientation program for freshmen congressmen and it's as much like "going to" Harvard as my pot semester was. I guess the BuyBull school didn't teach him much about no technology 'cause his next twits show us that it might not be McCain's age that makes him so computer illiterate, but his closed-minded outlook on the world-- one he and McCaul share:
MikeMcCaul I wish I could figure out how to find the pound sign on my keyboard to use the conservative tag #dontgo. Where's a page when I need him? 03:35 PM August 05, 2008

MikeMcCaul Still looking for teh pound sign. Why are these things so hard to yse? Tehcnology hurts! 04:53 PM August 05, 2008

MikeMcCaul Looking for another congressional caucus to join that will look good to Austin voters. They don't seem to like the immigration caucus much. 08:00 PM August 05, 2008

MikeMcCaul Whew! Just finished up speaking at the UT Club. Much better than getting out in pubic and maybe having to talk to a democrat. Those people! 08:33 AM August 06, 2008

MikeMcCaul Heading to DC - and not a moment too soon. MoveOn is going to be at the district office tomorrow at noon. about 16 hours ago

May I recommend that you consider a donation to the campaign of the progressive Democrat who is challenging McCaul in TX-10, Larry Joe Doherty. Please take a look at Larry Joe's live blog session at Firedoglake from April and if you think he'd make a vast improvement over the clownish McCaul, contribute what you can at the Blue America ActBlue page.

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At 6:58 PM, Anonymous Anonymous said...

I think you mean Trinity University in San Antonio, not Trinity College, and it's actually quite a selective liberal arts undergraduate institution, with an endowment approaching $1 billion for just 2500 students. Doesn't meant that Mike McCaul isn't a total douchebag though.

At 9:00 PM, Blogger DownWithTyranny said...

Thanks for the correction. I tried for a cheap shot.


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