Thursday, August 28, 2008

Has Mitt Strapped Seamus, The Family Dog To The Roof Of His Car For the Drive Out To St. Paul?


Secret Service agents gave away the fact that Obama had picked Biden as a running mate. They just did it again... kinda. Willard's the one. But I'm not banking on Romney because of a search of his sister's bathroom for a listening device. I'm banking on the fact that Karl Rove is running the McCain camp for the powers behind the Bush Regime and that they decided on Romney months ago and have shoved him up McCain's ass. McCain instinctively hates Willard's guts-- the way any red-blooded American detests a spoiled, pampered empty suit-- but McCain is incapable of raising the kind of money he needs to run the kind of smear offensive against Obama he knows is his only shot at getting elected. Bush and Rove have told him-- in less and less ambiguous terms-- that unless he picks Romney, the money dries up. Even before Obama's speach tonight, the bounce has started becoming apparent. Today's Gallup poll shows him 6 points ahead, 48-42%, based on a 3-day moving average. Even McCain's sister-in-law, who presumably knows something about him, has announced she's voting for Obama. Kathleen Hensley Portalski, who lives in Phoenix, where McCain has several of his dozen or so homes, said, "I'm voting for Obama. I think his proposals to improve the country are more positive and I'm not a big war believer." McCain's nephew, Nathan, a 45-year-old aerospace machinist, is also voting for Obama. "I wouldn't vote for John McCain if he was a Democrat. I would not vote at all before I'd vote for him."

Presumably Nate and Katherine won't be celebrating tomorrow. Tomorrow is the anniversary of the publication of Gone With the Wind and the birth of John McCain in Panama. While Democrats plan to celebrate McCain's birthday in battleground states, McCain is hoping to steal a little thunder from the Democratic Convention by announcing-- unless he changes his mind again-- that it isn't just Democrats who can have an historic moment announcing the nomination of an African-American candidate but that the Republicans can announce... the first Mormon on a national ticket. Exciting? Well, sure-- if you like the idea of a job killing machine.

Right now the most exciting things anyone can expect at the St Paul HateFest look like Rove's lament that "the Republicans can't seem to get a break" regarding God hating them and sending hurricanes to foil them. (Katrina, which first exposed Bush and McCain as the heartless brutes most Americans never realized they were, was bad enough, but now Hurricane Gustav is headed their way-- so much so, though, that Bush is using it as an excuse to not even come to the ill-starred convention.) Oh, and the other is that while McCain is accepting his nomination, Jack Abramoff, virtually the only crooked Republican lobbyist not currently on his campaign staff-- he would be but he's in prison-- will be sentenced for the crimes McCain fought so hard to cover up. I sure hope MSNBC has a split screen!

Anyway, time to start counting how many houses Romney has. In fact, the newest of Mitt's several homes isn't far from a couple of McCain's southern California getaways. Romney may wake up in November and find he has a new congressman, Democrat Nick Leibham who is running against corrupt lobbyist/Bush rubber stamp Brian Bilbray. Nick looks forward to running against the billionaires club that the GOP represents. He told us today that "with more than a dozen homes between them, John McCain and Mitt Romney may know a little something about real estate, but their economic proposals would be a disaster for America." Amen to that!

And never forget, the Mittster's valient squeal, "Never surrender," when he decided to stop spending all his money on a presidential bid that never caught fire, and... surrendered:

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