Saturday, July 19, 2008

Nevada Republican Party Squashes Ron Paul Supporters In Blatantly Stalinist Move


Ron Paul has 2 authoritarian foes within the GOP

At the end of April we noted how the bosses of Nevada State Republican Party decided to abruptly close down their state convention rather than watch the Party nominate a Ron Paul slate for the Minneapolis Hate Fest.
The far right's presumptive nominee couldn't keep the Nevada state Republican Party convention from disbanding in confusion as a majority of delegates proved to be loyal to Ron Paul, rather than McCain. The Party establishment closed down the whole shebbang and will probably reconvene in Guantanamo or someplace else where the GOP can keep everything buttoned down and under control.

There's been a little update on that today from Reno. The GOP referred to a rare outbreak of democracy within its own ranks as "supporters of Ron Paul hijacked the proceedings and tried to elect delegates for their candidate to the national GOP convention." Heaven forbid!

Claiming that the delegates are too broke and/or uninterested to come to the convention, the GOP executive board said they will save everyone the trouble and just pick the delegates themselves. Stalin would be proud! Many of the legally-elected delegates, however, aren't. They're filing a complaint.
Republican delegate Wayne Terhune says more than one thousand delegates have been silenced with the decision and deprived of their ability to select national delegates.

"The State Executive Committee announced yesterday that they won't bring the Nevada State Republican Convention out of recess," said Terhune, a Republican activist in Washoe County. "They shut down the Convention in April, and now they aren't giving delegates a chance to have their voices heard. This is a violation of the law."

Mike Weber, a local Republican who has served on the National Republican Rules Committee, announced early today he is shifting the focus of his State Assembly race to make sure state delegates have their voices heard. "Most Republicans are getting fed up with party leaders because of underhanded tactics instead of principled leadership," he said in a press release. "The announcement that national delegates will be appointed by a small group behind closed doors only reinforces this distrust."

I wonder if this is part of what Nevada Republican congressman Dean Heller meant when he said the Republican Party needs to “clean house” and “the next couple of election cycles are going to do that.”

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At 5:50 AM, Blogger Unknown said...

The GOP so-called "leaders" in Nevada are a disgrace to the country. To turn tail and walk out in the original Primary, because the votes were showing Ron Paul having more delegates, was a bad mistake. McCain didn't even win many votes in the Primary. This is sick.

At 8:24 PM, Blogger Bruce Wayne said...

Excellent post. Might I respectfully correct Marilyn, however. This wasn't the Nevada primary. The Nevada Republican Party chose to switch to a non-binding caucus for selecting their candidate for President. That's distinctly different from a primary election.

For the record, in this year's Nevada Caucus, Mitt Romney was the big winner, and Ron Paul pulled less than 13% of the vote. Since both Romney and Paul have withdrawn from the race, it would seem perfectly reasonable to select McCain delegates instead. That's exactly what the Stalinist Politburo at the Nevada GOP chose to do.

The Paul supporters, however, weren't happy with the 4 of 31 delegates that were on the slate proposed by the executive committee. Unfortunately, they didn't have the foresight to prepare a slate of their own, so instead they decided at the last minute to hijack the Republican State Convention.

If anybody's the bad guy here, it's the Paultards. So desperate to get their candidate simply mentioned at the National Convention, they've chosen to give the Nevada Republican Party a black eye, first by disrupting the convention, then with a failed lawsuit.

How this helps their candidate or their cause is simply baffling. Didn't they get the memo? Their candidate is out of the race.

You can call it a "Stalinist move," but really, I gotta wonder -- Whose side are these idiots on?

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