Tuesday, July 22, 2008

McCain Has Abandoned Every Other Principle-- Is He Now Flip Flopping On Iraq Too?


McCain always said he detests Mitt Romney because he sensed-- correctly-- that Romney has no inner core and stands for nothing, no principles whatsoever, just opportunism and blind ambition. To most people who have watched him closely over the years, this sounds exactly like a self description of McCain himself. And now McCain is ready to move on from his denunciations of Romney and select him, albeit at Bush's and Cheney's insistence, as his running mate. But a little flippin' and floppin' from McCain, given his record, is hardly newsworthy anymore-- at least when it comes to selecting someone to share his doomed ticket. However, flip flopping on Iraq? That might be harder, even for a practiced liar like McCain, to explain away.

New Mexico Congresswoman and close McCain ally and surrogate, Heather Wilson, sensing the groundswell of enthusiasm for Obama's proposals to end the war in Iraq sent out a message today paving the way for McCain to back away from his one and only issue-- endless war.
The McCain campaign has come up with an intriguing new way to sell his opposition to a timetable for withdrawal: McCain just might withdraw from Iraq sooner than Obama's 16 month deadline!

"He'd like troops to come home earlier than 16 months if the conditions allow it," said Congresswoman Heather Wilson of New Mexico, on a conference call with reporters just now. "Senator Obama has said it's a 16-month timeline no matter what."

How confused and disoriented is the McCain campaign? They are reeling from Obama's successful trip to Afghanistan and Iraq. And Spencer Ackerman has an analysis up that is positively mindboggling in the scope of McCain's nonchalant dishonesty. McCain is trying to claim, in an interview on CBS News, that the "Anbar Awakening" is the product of his surge. The assertion is as false and deceptive as all of his other self aggrandizing claims about Iraq. And like most of these claims, it is the product of a fuzzy mind rapidly losing a grip on reality. This video is worth watching to see McCain desperately weaving and bobbing with Truth. Truth wins.

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