Wednesday, July 30, 2008

Don't Count The Chickens...


by Noah

Georgia 2002. Ohio 2004. Numerous Congressional "elections" in 2006. Suspicious elections all. VERY suspicious. But, what of 2008? Have the books already been cooked? Before I proceed, I offer a disclaimer of sorts. I am not an Obama partisan. When it comes to making up my mind as to who I will vote for in November, I am a member of our country's largest party, the Disgruntled American Party. Obama has not won my vote yet. Rest assured, I don't have the bigotries of any kind that would qualify me for membership in the Republican or Libertarian parties, so that rules out McCranky or Barr. Nader? He was right about the Corvair Deathtub, "Unsafe At Any Speed" and all that, but, that was over 40 years ago. What has he done for me (and you) lately? Cynthia McKinney? Well, at least she has called for impeachment. The usurper in the people's White House has assaulted our Constitution, gravely. Everything we have is supposed to come from and start with The Constitution. That goes for the war. Bush musta been AWOL from school the day they taught that. So, with me, it's down to Obama or McKinney. Both have served in Congress, Obama in the Senate, McKinney in the House. Both took an oath to defend the Constitution. You can see my dilemma. Too bad Thom Hartmann isn't running. Obama's gonna have to sell me, not sell me out.

My agenda here is not about Obama first, it is about fair elections first, something we are having less and less of as the years go on and tactics get refined. You will notice that I didn't even bring up Florida, yet. I didn't have to. With one eye on the past, let's take a look with the other eye at what is going on right now and what may be happening in November. When I voted for John Kerry in 2004, he claimed that he would make sure all of the votes were counted. He didn't. I had held my nose and voted for what I feared I was voting for, an insincere charlatan. When the votes weren't counted in New Mexico and Ohio, all of our votes, regardless of who we voted for, were dishonored.

Things are allowed to happen in our voting system that corrupt our voting system. In fact, they are encouraged and enabled. Here's a small list of some of what's going on right now. It's a list of what the Repugs have been up to in order to give themselves four more years in the White House so the top 1% of the economic ladder can tell the bottom 99% to go to hell or eat cake or something like that. That would even include millions of non-one percenters who would vote Repug in defiance of their own interests and those of their own families. The current machinations represent the best of the known Repug efforts at rigging the 2008 election and stepping up their war, not the one in Iraq, but the one here at home on the middle class, the lower class, and The Constitution.

Do you think Karl Rove has been on vacation since leaving the White House? While we're focusing on the Big Oil's war to steal oil in Iraq, our democracy and our freedoms are being stolen at home. One way to do it is to concentrate on rigging the vote in the swing states that Obama will probably need to win in November. How? 1) How about housing foreclosures that are the result of Repug economic policies? You just might need a legal residence to vote. In Nevada and Ohio, a law is sweeping tens of thousands of foreclosure victims off of the voter rolls. Who is most likely to have their home foreclosed? Repug policies do more than just hurt your bank account and raise the price of gas. They also take away your freedoms and your way of life more efficiently than any middle eastern extremist group. 2) Remember how in 2000 in Florida, a sleazeball Bush groupie named Katherine Harris hired contractors to bump people off the rolls just for having a certain kind of "funny name", a name that wasn't likely to belong to a fellow Repug? You know, a name that might begin or end with a vowel, or a name that was similar to someone not named Bush who had once committed a felony. In New Mexico, according to investigative and BBC reporter Greg Palast, half of a dirt poor Hispanic community named Mora have found their legal registrations disappeared into thin air by Repug contractors. It's Florida all over again, but now it's being done to such an extent that hanging chads won't even enter into it. 3) Also according to Palast, in Colorado, the Repug Secretary of State has conducted the biggest purge of voters in history, one fifth of all registrations. They just happen to be in black neighborhoods. The party of Lincoln may have freed black people but they still don't want them to vote. In 2004 in Ohio, the Repug Secretary of State just made sure there weren't enough voting machines in black areas. Now, the Repugs take it a little further. They take away your right to vote and don't provide a voting machine! Sound fair to you? 4) And how about Florida? The Cesspool State! 85,000 new legal registrations, overwhelmingly black, gone into one of the state's famous sinkholes. It's no coincidence that Florida more closely resembles a Latin American dictatorship than the American ideal.

I haven't even discussed voting machine tampering. We live in a country where people are told by a jiveass media that a paper trail for their precinct voting machine is not possible, and, we buy it! Then, they go to the nearest ATM and get a receipt for their transaction. We all know the stories about DieBold and their ilk. That will be a factor, too. 2008 will also be about more than the RNC hiring Sproul & Associates to shred Democrat registrations in six battleground states. It will be about more than the party that claims to support the troops not sending them a ballot, or, having the Pentagon shut down their registration web site. As a Repug idol, Joseph Stalin once said, "It's not who votes but who COUNTS the votes". In 2008, in the USA, one party is having it both ways. Give the Repugs credit for being more efficient than the Commies. This is what happens when you don't have legislative oversight. This is what we get when Bush buddies like Nancy Pelosi take impeachment off the table.

Where are the Democrats on these matters? I'll tell you where. They are either accomplices in their own demise or willing partners in show elections. You end up with elections that are almost as much as a farce as those old elections in the USSR where millions all voted for Khrushchev and no one voted for the other guy. The Commies did it with a complicit state media, Pravda and TASS. Have you heard anything about all of this from our so called mainstream media (MSM)? Have you ever heard that two election officials in Ohio, smaller fish than the main culprits but slippery slimey ones just the same, one an Elections Coordinator, and one a Ballot Manager (gotta love the titles!) are serving time for their roles in the corruption of 2004? Of course not. We may have more media outlets, but the story is the same. Even calling it "mainstream media" is a misnomer intended to deceive. It's Repug media, folks, whether it's openly anti-Obama assclowns like Lush Slimebaugh, Sean Insanity, George Stepinpoopalot, Corporate News Network, Faux News, USA Toadie, the New York Times lying about there being "no evidence of vote theft," the Washington Post declaring that allegations of fraud are "conspiracy theories," or whomever, you'd get more factual news if you just sent your newspaper to thirdworlders to use for toilet paper and disconnected the cable and watched the snow on your screen.

What to do? First triple check and verify that you are indeed registered to vote. You may think you are, but, you don't want to be surprised when it's too late. There's only one possible way for Obama to win. I said to friends, in 2004, that for Senator Kerry to win, Americans would have to vote for him in overwhelming landslide proportions just to offset the DieBold style tampering and voter roll ethnic cleansing so Kerry could come out with a narrow victory. The same is even more true this time around. At least, the Dems have a better candidate this time, but the Repugs have gotten more thorough and more sophisticated. Pay no attention to the polls, Rove's dream of totalitarian one fascist party rule in the United States is still very much alive. Obama may have a lead in the national polls, but, it's state by state that's where the action is, and, if you examine the polls individually by state, we're currently in for a close election even without the rigging. It's all about the Electoral College again. We've come a long way from the dead rising up and voting for JFK in Chicago in 1960. That was child's play, and, in fact, didn't actually alter the end result. Only a pro-Obama turnout the likes of which has never been seen before will win the day for a democratic presidency. My state, New York, will probably go for Obama no matter what. Are you sure about yours?

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At 1:26 PM, Anonymous Anonymous said...

They probably won't even need to rig the elections after the false flag attack in October.

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