Tuesday, June 03, 2008

When Sen. "Intertubes Ted" Stevens talks, you bet we listen -- 'cause there are bound to be yuks. Seriously now, folks, you can't make this stuff up


Our pal Cliff Schecter, best known nowadays as the single-minded McCranky Wrecking Crew who gave us The Real McCain and continues to hound the Crankyman, has lobbed a grenade at another GOP senior statesman, one of DWT's favorite still-unindicted Republicrooks, on his Cliff Schecter's Campaign Blog over at Firedoglake:

Sen. Ted Stevens Thinks Only Lawyers Can Be Legislators
By: Cliff Schecter

From KTUU.com:
"In today's economy and today's world, when you're dealing with legislation and you're dealing a job that is 7-24 and you have to answer questions yourself at times without advice from people, lawyers on your staff, you ought to be a lawyer to start with," Stevens said.

First, I think you meant 24-7 Sen. Stevens, but I know you're not up on the lingo floating around the series of tubes, so we'll let that one go.

Now, just an observation. I don't think that being a lawyer helped you figure out how to prevent the FBI from raiding your house. It doesn't seem to have done wonders for David Vitter or Larry Craig either.

I think you're giving the study of the law a bit too much credit, in my ever-so-humble opinion.

The way Senator "7-24" is going, it looks like his legal skills may be sufficient to land his entire family in the slammer. We're not complaining, just saying.

I feel a little bad about ridiculing Senator Ted. If you go back far enough in Alaskan history, you find the young Ted Stevens as a committed environmentalist. Power does truly terrible things to all too many people, and the man who clings now to his Senate seat -- at least stripped of the authoritarian power he wielded as a committee chairman while the Republicans controlled the Senate -- is a pathetic caricature of his former self.

It will be a kindness all around when Anchorage Mayor Mark Begich kicks the sad old geezer's butt out of the Senate in November.

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At 8:23 PM, Anonymous Anonymous said...

Good news: Senator Lautenberg defeated Rob Andrews. He and his pro-war views won't be in Congress any longer.

At 9:25 AM, Anonymous Anonymous said...

Say more Keni!

"If you go back far enough in Alaskan history, you find the young Ted Stevens as a committed environmentalist"...

did he used to reuse his "intertubes"?

I loves me intertubes.


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