Sunday, June 01, 2008

Last Day To Vote In Our Air America Contest


The country can't afford 4 more years of this

Today is the last day of our contest with Air America. We've raised approximately $10,000 $11,000 since it started on Monday, spread out over all of our candidates. When I looked it over-- I'll do the thorough count tomorrow morning-- I noticed that some of the candidates had raked in some big bucks, particularly Dennis Shulman (NJ), Debbie Cook (CA), Leslie Byrne (VA), Howard Shanker (AZ), and Judy Feder (VA). Eric Massa (NY), Ed Fallon (IA), Jim Himes (CT), Vic Wulsin (OH), Jon Powers (NY), and Regina Thomas (GA) also wound up with some padded warchests. And then one of them will wind up with the Air America check Monday. It isn't too late to vote, something you do by going to the Blue America page and tacking on one penny to your donation to the candidate (or candidates) you want to vote for.

I have a wonderful congresswoman representing my district, Diane Watson, and she never gets any serious challenge. The PVI here is D+36. I know there are plenty of DWT readers in similar situations. So it's nice that we can make a difference in districts where it is a bit closer. And 5 of our candidates in the running-- Ed Fallon, Leslie Byrne, Howard Shanker, Jon Powers and Regina Thomas-- are progressives battling it out in primaries against reactionary Democratic insiders who are eager to or will continue (in the case of Iowa's Leonard Boswell and Georgia's John Barrow) to represent the special interests who donate to their campaigns. Ed, Leslie, Howard, Jon and Regina are running against Democrats but Democrats who act like Republicans and share Republican values rather than Democratic values.

Anyway, ActBlue will be shut down for maintenance from 10am 'til 2pm so either vote (with your penny) before then or later in the day. The last vote I'll count will be at 5:59am, PT on Monday morning.

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At 8:41 AM, Blogger pygalgia said...

Thank you for your support of Howard Shanker. I just sent him an email to let him know of your efforts. Most appreciated.


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