Friday, May 30, 2008

What Does McCain Accomplish On All Those Trips To The Green Zone?


John McCain has been bashing and berating Barack Obama for not skipping over to Iraq and making any of those showy photo-ops like he and Lieberman and their South Carolina rug-buying Mini-Me do. McCain has only gone to Iraq for one reason: to distort the situation on the ground in the eyes of Americans... strolling around a Baghdad market with a regiment of heavily armed guards and two helicopter gunships hovering above while he smiles and says, "See how safe it is?" (And while Lindsey Graham scurries around looking for bargains in the carpet shops of distressed merchants.)

McCain's trips to Iraq have cost the taxpayers many millions of dollars and have distracted and endangered our troops serving there. And to what end? So he could pose and preen as some kind of a diplomat? So he could trample on Pentagon rules and use the military for backdrops in his political advertising (something he refuses to stop doing)? So he could give the folks back home a false picture of how well it is all going there? And from the very beginning of the Bush Regime propaganda war against the American people, McCain was a very key player. Yesterday CNN's man in Baghdad, Michael Ware, pointed out how divorced from reality politicians like McCain, Lieberman and Mini-Me are when they drop in for their little propaganda visits.

Now that another key Regime insider, Scott McClellan, has come clean and ratted out the liars and manipulators in the Regime, we have to ask ourselves why we would even consider taking seriously a bid for leadership by a pathetic hack and warmonger like McCain who has been both wrong and deceptive about Iraq from day one... and every step of the way. McCain worked very hard to deceive the American people about Iraq. And he is still doing it:


Color me dumbfounded when I heard Senator McCranky pulling the old switcheroo on Senator Obama: going beyond pretending that his own schlepps to protective custody in Baghdad are anything other than sleazy photo ops to argue that Obama is somehow less qualified to be president because he doesn't engage in this astoundingly cynical exercise.

As Howie and his links point out above, the warmongers who make these detestable pilgrimages to tightly cocooned little safety zones in Iraq not only don't learn anything, they come away knowing less than when they started, because they've added so much additional misinformation to their headful. And of course each time one of the loons perpetrates one of these trips, not only are massive resources wasted on protecting them, but innocent people die. Apparently McCranky, like his soulmate Holy Joe Lieberman, places no limit on the amount of death and destruction he deems it necessary to unleash in order to pump up his puny, diseased ego.

I thought I was working up to a punchy joke about the rug-shopping Baby Bear of these merchants-of-death Three Bears, shopaholic Lindsey "Anything for a Bargain" Graham. But frankly the whole notion of pointing a finger of accusation at public officials who choose not to engage in this deadly form of cynical pandering sickens me too much for any attempt at humor.

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