Tuesday, May 27, 2008

Unwanted Endorsements From Crazy People & War Criminals


Barack, just say no

I was glad to see Senator Obama reject the unsought endorsement of Louis Farrakhan, as well as the implied endorsement from some group of nuts in the Middle East. It's a damn shame McCain put so much effort into pursuing endorsements from religionist fanatics and hatemongers like Rod Parsely, Jerry Falwell, John Hagee and a whole slew of others, some of whom he's already-- post-primary season-- repudiated and others who he will as their crazed statements come out. I'm wondering if he will also reject the implied endorsement he was given yesterday by Fidel Castro when Castro denounced Obama. But we'll leave it up to McCain to figure out the timings for rejecting the various crooked lobbyists, fascist dictators and crackpot snakehandlers who make up his base of support. Today it's Barack Obama who we are calling on to reject an endorsement.

This is someone who has done far more damage to America-- in the real sense-- than Jeremiah Wright ever would or could. I was revolted today to read that Obama was endorsed by neocon maniac Francis Fukuyama, one of the kooks who persuaded Bush that he needed to spread "democracy."
But Francis Fukuyama, the author of The End of History and Professor of International Political Economy at Johns Hopkins University, is now a sharp critic of US President George W Bush and has even come out as a supporter of Democrat frontrunner Barack Obama for president.

Professor Fukuyama is particularly scathing about the Bush policy in Iraq but he says that regardless of who is elected to lead it next, the United States is about to undergo a significant transformation.

In his interview he explained why he doesn't want to see McCain win and why he doesn't think Hillary would be any good and why he feels that Obama is the one. Here's a registered Republican who feels Obama will solve the problems his own advice to Bush helped cause. It's a big shift but he says he's not the only one making it.
"I think a number of people are doing that this year because I think the world is different at this juncture and we need a different foreign policy and there is this larger question about in American politics, I do think that we are at the end of a long generational cycle that began with Reagan's election back in 1980 and I think unless you have a degree of competition and alternation in power, certain ideas and habits are going to get too entrenched."

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At 11:28 AM, Anonymous Anonymous said...

Which would likely pale by comparison to how racists and white supremacists would like to exploit recent anti-immigrant violence in South Africa for their own warped and sick purposes.

Otherwise known as "evacuating" the Afrikaner peoples therefrom (descended, know, from Dutch, French Huguenot and German settlers in the Cape of Good Hope colony following its 1654 founding under the Dutch East India Company's auspices) on flimsy "fear of persecution" claims, for starters.


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