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Dragging down each other's approval ratings in Texas

A few days ago we looked into the fates of Republican senators in 2006 who had less than a 55% approval rating 7 months before the election; they were all defeated. Today's Dallas Morning News must have been difficult for Bush rubber stamp John Cornyn to digest:
According to pollster Scott Rasmussen, John Cornyn could be knocked out in November by Democrat Rick Noriega. The pollster has the junior senator with a 47-43 lead over Noriega. Anytime an incumbent polls below 50 percentage points, there could be rough times ahead.

Despite what's going on nationally, it seems a reach to think that Texas could start electing statewide Democrats in November.

Rasmussen, however, says either Hillary Rodham Clinton or Barack Obama are competitive against John McCain in Texas. McCain has a six-point lead over Clinton and a five-point lead over Obama.
So right now Texas is in play for the presidential election.

Imagine that.

On the other hand, Cornyn has continued to vacuum in immense amounts of legalized bribes from his corporate supporters, desperate to keep the most reliable toady they have in the Senate. He has $8.7 million in the bank to use against populist Democrat Rick Noriega, who has $329,000 cash on hand. That's a 26-1 ratio Cornyn holds. Will it be enough to buy him a re-election? And who has been bribing John Cornyn with these massive amounts of cash?

Well, of course, there is the oil and gas industries (in for almost $1.2 million), the real estate industry ($750,000), Wall Street ($625,375), commercial banks ($510,092), the insurance industry ($412,089), booze distributors ($201,150)... And no one is complaining. Cornyn is one of the most dependable anti-consumer/anti-worker senators in America. Whether it's the Bass Brothers ($70,000, his second biggest donor), AT&T ($67,000, his third biggest donor), Exxon Mobil ($48,730), Goldman Sachs ($43,400), Valero Energy ($39,900), they always get what they pay for.

Cornyn in way at the bottom of the barrel when it comes to voting records-- more extreme than anyone else in the Senate except two or three lunatic fringe Republicans. But no matter what the issue-- from the well-being of our active duty military personnel and military veterans to assistance for children, the disabled, senior citizens, the unemployed, workers, or Americans in need of health care, John Cornyn is the worst member of Congress. He has never-- not once, not on any of these issues, gone against the corporate diktats of his campaign contributors. There is no one else in the U.S. Senate as corrupt as John Cornyn or as out of touch with the needs and interests of his constituents.

Blue America has endorsed Rick Noriega. Even with Cornyn's abysmal approval ratings among Texans, Rick needs to get his positive message out if he's going to have a shot at winning in November. So far 298 people have donated to Rick through Blue America and we've raised a bit over $5,000 for his campaign. Please take a look at his live blog session at Firedoglake and see if you'd like to help get rid of the worst of the worst and put in a thorough decent man committed to the values and principles that have made America great. Do it here. Anyone who donates at least $30 today gets a CD from Blue America, a hits package from George Jones (add .01), Lynn Anderson (add .02), Little Jimmy Dickens (add .03) or Tanya Tucker (add .04). CDs choices are limited so, first come, first serve on any particular artist. And the biggest donor today gets a 4-disc box set from Waylon Jennings, Nashville Rebel.

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