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Although his lead literally shrinks by the day, reactionary Insider Dem, Bruce Lunsford, has the name recognition to have kept him out front in Kentucky senate polls. Even if his Republican-lite perspective and reputation as a corrupt and slimy hack gives him virtually no chance of beating Mitch McConnell in November, there is a very real danger to Kentucky that Lunsford will walk away with the Democratic nomination-- based solely on name recognition and massive self-funded media buys-- a week from tomorrow. That danger was ameliorated yesterday when Lexington's respected Herald-Leader endorsed Greg Fischer. It's the second biggest newspaper in the state and, by far, the most credible.

Blue America endorsed Fischer, with great enthusiasm, on April 5 and you can read our live session with him at Firedoglake. The Herald-Leader says anything would be better than another six years of McConnell but points out that "baggage accompanies Lunsford into any race he runs, baggage that has been thoroughly vetted in previous campaigns and will not be rehashed here." Instead they are urging Democrats to vote for Greg Fischer.
Fischer has a couple of things that speak in his favor.

One is the fact that, as a novice, he delivers the message of change with a fresher voice.

He makes that message resonate with more hope, more idealism, more commitment.

And if "change" is the message the Democrats think can inspire Kentucky voters in November, who better to deliver it than a fresh face with a fresh voice?

The second thing is the simple fact that Fischer lacks Lunsford's baggage.

Whomever the Democrats nominate, McConnell will loose the attack dogs on him, just as he has loosed them on all comers for 24 years. But as Fischer asks, why give McConnell "a target-rich environment"?

Last week Greg was also been endorsed by Larry Clark, Speaker Pro-Tem of the Kentucky House of Representatives, former Louisville Mayor David Armstrong and former Congressman Ron Mazzoli. He was also endorsed by former Kentucky Democratic U.S. Senator Dee Huddleston. Local bloggers make the case that as Kentucky Democrats get to know Fischer, they like him-- and like him much better than the detestable Lunsford.

This morning the Kentucky Standard, the newspaper in Democratic-leaning Bardstown south of Louisville, gave Greg's campaign another powerful endorsement.
U.S. Senatorial candidate Greg Fischer is the decided underdog-- a long shot, then-- in the upcoming Democratic Party primary. For the most part, that’s because he lacks the name recognition of front-runner Bruce Lunsford. Running for political office for the first time, he nonetheless is creating a ground-swirl of support statewide.

While new to the state spotlight, Kentuckians are learning fast that Fischer, 50, is not just a capable and astute business leader who earns his way and creates new jobs through innovation and know-how, not on the backs of others; is so much more than just a party ideologue; and is a man of integrity and sincerity who has tirelessly given of himself for civic improvement and public good.

This is the right office. This is the right time.

Lunsford is the ultimate DLC shill and, of course, he is 110% in the anti-Obama camp. At one point he was touted to be Hillary's finance chair for the border states region. Many progressives in Kentucky feel that Hillary's Rovian-style campaign and dog whistle appeal to old fashioned racism has her way ahead of Obama in the primary. The last SUSA polls in Kentucky show Clinton ahead with 62% and Lunsford ahead with 41%. As Kentucky voters get serious and start focusing on the primary can the desire for real change bite into this immense margins for the two status quo DLC candidates? If you'd like to help Greg Fischer make sure the Mitch McConnell does not continue as the venal, obstructionist Minority Leader next year, please consider a donation through our Blue America ActBlue page today.
Fischer and Obama stand for real change. Lunsford and to an unfortunate extent, Hillary have come to symbolize... the opposite.

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Any news on the latest polls? I notice that every time a new polls comes out Lunsford keeps dropping. Let Lunsford's slide continue!!


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