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I just turned on Infotainment TV to catch the results in West Virginia's primary. The first thing I heard was Wolf Blintzer saying how Clinton would probably win and how she is saying that he victory would mirror what could happen in November. What does that mean? Is she planning to run as VP under McCain or Bob Barr? No? OK, then she won't be running in November. Did she mean that in November West Virginia will vote for the Republican? Does she consider herself the representative of the Republican wing of the Democratic Party? Or does she just mean that McCain will be as shameless as she has been in exploiting racism against Obama? Or am I missing something?

The exit polls actually, again, according to CNN, indicate that Obama and Hillary each score almost identically against McCain in November.

Tonight I'm far more interested in seeing the results in Nebraska's senate primary and in the House special election in MS-01.

Nebraska's Democratic primary pits a grassroots moderate, Scott Kleeb against a conservative millionaire Republican who decided to run as a Democrat, Tony Raimondo. He won't even commit to backing Kleeb if he loses today. Kleeb, an actual Democrat, said that of course he would endorse Raimondo and work for his election. Polls in Nebraska close at 8pm Central Time. We'll be watching results here at the Secretary of State's site.

Mississippi polls also close at 8pm, but Eastern time (so any hour earlier). We'll be watching results at the Mississippi Secretary of State's website or, if that doesn't work (as seems likely) at the Commercial Dispatch's site. DeSoto County, the Memphis, Tennessee suburbs (and Davis' home base) is where Davis has his biggest support. Voting there has been very heavy today, a good sign for Davis. Childers' biggest counties were Prentiss (85%), Clay (65%), and Monroe (62%).

Within seconds of the polls closing and before one vote was counted, CNN called the primary for Clinton and said her margin would be big. OK, now we'll wait for the important races to come in from Mississippi and Nebraska.

Establishment DLC hack Howard Wolfson is babbling away on CNN and spinning the Clinton case without anyone giving the position of the Democratic wing of the Democratic Party. ABC News just reported some pretty ugly exit polls that show Hillary attracted not just low income and badly educated voters but also the racists she and her husband did her little dog whistle routine for.


Results are trickling in from Mississippi. So far Childers has 1,174 votes (57%) to Davis' 900 (43%); irrelevent.

Now with 39 precincts (of 462) reporting it's Childers with 3,666 votes (60%) and Davis with 2,474 (40%). although these are from Democratic areas and it's not indicative of anything unexpected. No votes in from DeSoto, the big GOP county.

Over at CNN the talking heads are still beating off. They keep pointing out that as income levels go down, Clinton's support goes up. Also as education levels go down, Clinton's support goes up. Does that mean these Democrats are going to turn to McCain in November? Many of them voted for Bush-- twice. Maybe they should look at this:


Nebraska polls have closed but early results are not significant. Kleeb has 72% and Raimondo, who will probably go back to being a Republican if he loses tonight, has 21%. In Mississippi, with 90 precincts reporting Childers has 9,150 votes (55%) to Davis' 7,583 votes (45%).


Democrat Travis Childers beat the Republican Gary Davis 57,276 (54%) to 49,314 (46%), even with Davis winning 75% of the vote in DeSoto County, the Memphis suburbs. With 85% of the Nebraska vote counted Kleeb beat the Republican-disguised-as-a-Democrat (a major repudiation of Nebraska's reactionary Democratic Senator Ben Nelson who had persuaded Raimondo to pull that stunt) 64,573 (69%) to 23,636 (25%). Raimondo has conceded.

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At 6:25 AM, Blogger Jill said...

Call me shallow, but I can just imagine how C-SPAN's ratings will go up if Kleeb is elected in November. ;)


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