Thursday, May 29, 2008

Air America Contest Update-- Did You Vote Yet?


6 Blue America candidates that the DCCC is supporting too

Every other e-mail I'm getting is from someone wondering how the DownWithTyranny/Air America contest is going. I can't believe all the contributions of $1.01. They add up though. The biggest donation since we started on Monday morning was for Regina Thomas for over $600. The average contribution is for around $20. So far the candidates with the most donations are Debbie Cook (CA), Dennis Shulman (NJ), Leslie Byrne (VA), Howard Shanker (AZ), Eric Massa (NY) and Ed Fallon (IA). We just added Virginia progressive Democrat Judy Feder to our list of endorsed candidates-- since she'll be our guest at Firedoglake on Saturday-- so you can vote for her as well if you'd like.

Overnight enough votes came in for Leslie Byrne to put her slightly ahead. We've been presenting Leslie as an example of "Better" in the popular aphorism "More and Better Democrats." This morning Matt Stoller at Open Left and Lowell at RaisingKaine both focus on some of the shady activities surrounding Jerry Connolly, the Joe Lieberman/Zell Miller type Democrat who is running against Leslie-- and running hard; the race is neck and neck and it will come down to a GOTV effort next Tuesday.

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